Cupid's Pulse Article: Scarlett Johansson Welcomes Daughter Rose With Fiance Romain DauriacCupid's Pulse Article: Scarlett Johansson Welcomes Daughter Rose With Fiance Romain Dauriac

By Ann Luther

Scarlett Johansson and fiance, Romain Dauriac, just became parents! On Thursday, September 4th, reps for the 29-year-old actress confirmed the welcoming of a brand new baby girl for the couple. They named her Rose. The Associated Press confirmed, and reported that “mother and daughter are doing well.” Congratulations to the couple!

How do you know your partner is ready to be a parent?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being a parent is difficult. Being a co-parent can be even more difficult if your partner is not ready to be the other half of a child’s life. One parent absolutely can do it all, but it is not ideal to knowingly go into a pregnancy that way. Having someone to help with the work and share in the joys is to have something beautiful, so how do you know you can count on your boo? Cupid has some insight:

1. You are priority: When you know without a doubt that you are your stud’s number one priority in life, then you can bet he’s ready. When someone can clearly demonstrate they know how to prioritize and then they make the choice to prioritize you, it means the transition from supportive partner to try-hard parent won’t be a hard one.

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2. He actually likes kids: Before your love has a child of his own, make sure he will actually take an interest in said child. He will love whatever is his, but being a parent is more than that. It’s about staying up late, watching kid shows on an endless loop, getting on the ground to play with them on their levels, going to their games, recitals, and science fairs happily. So, check him out with your nieces and nephews, with your little cousins, or with your friend’s kids to see if he really is interested in a life with a future that has kiddos in it.

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3. You’ve heard it aloud: Wanting to father a child is kind of a huge deal. Neither men nor women hold on to that, especially if they’re in a committed, adult relationship. Talk to your man! Ask him what he wants or if he has ever even thought about it. Having an honest conversation together will shed the light that both of you will need before you embark on miracle making.

How did you know your partner was ready to be a parent? Share with us in the comments below!