Cupid's Pulse Article: Rachel Bilson Celebrates Her Baby ShowerCupid's Pulse Article: Rachel Bilson Celebrates Her Baby Shower

By Kaley Allard

Details of Rachel Bilson’s baby shower are brought to us by The guest list at Bilson’s shower consisted of high school friends and family as well as fellow celebrities and moms, Natalie Portman and Jamie King. Instead of bringing gifts for the mom-to-be, the guests each brought a birth bead, which they then blessed. The overall atmosphere of the shower took on a relaxed feel, one that was stress-free. Bilson, 33, is a first-time mom who is extremely excited, but any advice from others was probably welcomed.

What are some unique ways to share wisdom at a baby shower?

Cupid’s Advice:

Baby showers are a great time to provide the future mommy with much-needed supplies and advice. Providing her with a lifetime supply of diapers would be fantastic, but what she would appreciate even more is thoughtful and creative gifts from her guests. Here are three suggestions from Cupid on how to provide wisdom for the mother-to-be:

1. Make a book: A mom-to-be can only handle so many diapers, and while they are a great gift, something homemade is even more special. Consider creating a book of advice for the special guest, which contains things from her friends and family — just make sure that the individuals giving the advice have had children themselves.

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2. Diaper drawing: A unique, fun and crafty activity is to have your guests write a piece of wisdom on a diaper so that when the mother and/or father changes their baby’s diaper, they will learn a new piece of wisdom with each change.   

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3. Pass it along:  Paste pictures of each guest’s child, if they have one, on a wall and give the mommy-to-be pieces of paper with a piece wisdom that that mommy learned with their child. Then have them try to match the piece of wisdom to the child’s picture.

What are some ways in which you have shared wisdom with a mommy to be? Please share below!