Cupid's Pulse Article: Chad Ochocinco is Engaged to Girlfriend Evelyn LozadaCupid's Pulse Article: Chad Ochocinco is Engaged to Girlfriend Evelyn Lozada

NFL player and Dancing with the Stars alum Chad Ochocinco surprised his girlfriend, Evelyn Lozada, by proposing to her on November 16th in their Cincinnati home.  Lozada, a model and Basketball Wives star, told Us Weekly, “He had a jeweler come to the house… [It was] a total surprise!  We sat there and picked out the ring.”  Ochocinco offered his input on the diamond.  The couple have not yet picked a date because, according to Lozada, “We’re waiting on the show and football season to end so we can start focusing on the next stage of our lives.”What are some unique proposal locations?

Cupid’s Advice:

Many proposal locations are overdone.  The romantic candlelight dinner is somewhat predictable, as is the flowers-and-ring routine. Couples looking for a more unique experience may like these ideas:

1. Return to the place of your first date: Going back to the place of your first date is both romantic and fun.

2. Take a trip: Surprise your partner with a trip to a resort in one of your favorite areas.  Try the Bahamas if the two of you like beaches, or Europe if you love sight-seeing.  The vacation will be one that your partner always remembers.

3. Go on a fun date: Instead of proposing over dinner, try proposing in a hot air balloon.  How many people can say they got engaged while overlooking the countryside from a floating basket?