Cupid's Pulse Article: Lance Bass Proposes to Michael Turchin Again on Anniversary of EngagementCupid's Pulse Article: Lance Bass Proposes to Michael Turchin Again on Anniversary of Engagement

By Kaley Allard

‘N SYNC alum Lance Bass has this adorable thing down pat! Bass, 35 proposed to fiance, Michael Turchin on the anniversary of their first engagement. reports that Bass gave Turchin a gold band complete with black diamonds this time around, which Turchin then posted on Instagram with the caption, “Who gets proposed to a second time on the first anniversary of the first proposal?? This guy!!!” There is no denying that the couple is adorable, but it will be even cuter when we finally see them walk down the aisle – let’s hear the wedding bells!

What are three special ways to declare your love to your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Deciding to declare your love and propose to the one you love is a very big decision, one that comes with many things to consider. You want to make the moment magical and one to remember, so here are three pieces of advice from Cupid on how to make the proposal special, not sloppy:

1. Don’t go too big: If you are preparing to propose to your partner, you may think it best to do so in a very  big way. There are too many videos of an individual proposing at a stadium or other large gathering and the proposal fails. It may be that the significant other is not ready, or that the way the proposal happened made them uncomfortable. Instead consider something more intimate that involves just the two of you.

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2. Be creative: If you are the one proposing, either man or woman you should still get on your knee, it’s tradition! But that does not mean that you do not have to be creative. Consider making the proposal into a scavenger hunt, or make it a surprise prize at the end of a game. Being creative does not mean putting the ring in food or drink – no one wants to put on a dirty engagement ring!

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3. Pick a memorable location: Whether it be the place you had your first kiss, first date or first place you said ‘I love you.’ Not only will your partner be surprised by this location he or she will be even more touched that you remembered where these monumental events occurred.

How have you declared love to your partner? Please share below!