Cupid's Pulse Article: Britney Spears Splits with Boyfriend David LucadoCupid's Pulse Article: Britney Spears Splits with Boyfriend David Lucado

By Kaley Allard

According to People, Britney Spears is once again a single woman, tweeting “Ahhhh the single life!” This news comes after Spears heard of a video where Lucado was seen making out with another woman. Britney seems to be coping fairly well and has a lot to keep her occupied in the coming months. Hopefully her dream of a fairy tale ending will come true soon.

What are some ways to address cheating rumors?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being cheated on is not a good feeling; you question whether or not there was something wrong with you or if you did something wrong. If you know for a fact that your significant other has cheated on here are three ways to deal with that news without landing yourself in trouble:

1. Address it head on: This piece of advice may seem difficult but it is the most important. If you suspect cheating in your relationship and have enough truth behind you, you should not be ashamed to confront your partner about it. No one wants to discuss infidelity, but the only way to move forward, either together or apart.

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2. Figure out why: The only way to move forward is to find out the real reason for why your partner cheated in the first place. Is he or she unsatisfied at home or have you grown apart in the last few months? Whatever the case the only way to work through to try and repair things is to understand why your partner went else where for emotional and/or physical intimacy.

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3. Consider outside help: It can be very difficult for couples to address and fix infidelity issues on their own, and while it may seem embarrassing, therapy can sometimes help. Having a third person there to help you discuss and work through issues at hand can help shed light on issues that you or your partner may have never noticed before as well as helping to make conversation easier than if it were just the 2 of you.

What are some ways that you have addressed cheating rumors in your own relationships? Please share below!