Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Drama: AshLee Frazier Says She Wishes She Could Take Back Quarrel With Clare CrawleyCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Drama: AshLee Frazier Says She Wishes She Could Take Back Quarrel With Clare Crawley

By Sarah Batcheller

Audiences were left with mouths agape and eyes wide after last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise. As the competition heightens in Tulum, Mexico, the ladies are baring their claws and bringing some World War III-style drama to the tiki hut. In particular, reality TV star AshLee Frazier has left everyone shuddering in fear…and well, we hate to say we told you so!

Exclusive Celebrity Interview about Bachelor in Paradise Drama

In our exclusive celebrity interview  with the Texas native on Aug. 5, Frazier admitted that she stirred the pot in paradise, informing us, “There’s a little quarrel that happens with me and another cast member. Unfortunately, I wish it didn’t happen, but it did. I wish I could take that part back, for sure.” Regardless of the drama,  sources tell us that Capital L stays for the entire BIP season.

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Clare Crawley, who is currently coupled with Zack Kalter (a contestant from Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette), lashed back at Frazier after finding  out that the Houston fashionista was bad-mouthing Crawley to her man. While sharing a hammock, Frazier dished to Kalter about Crawley’s rumored sexual rendezvous with Juan Pablo Galavis (from The Bachelor Season 18, when Crawley finished as the runner-up) and called her “cuckoo” in an effort to change Kalter’s mind about his budding relationship and love with Crawley. She didn’t realize until after the damage was done that a hidden camera captured her every word.

Frazier’s move may have been less about a vendetta against Crawley (who asked Frazier’s BIP beau Graham Bunn on a date on the first episode) and more about closing in on Kalter. In our previous interview with Frazier, she stated, “The whole point of going to paradise was to meet Graham. There were no ulterior motives.” But a source close to us says that Frazier was good friends with Kalter before going on the show and that she may have had a desire to “team with him” if things didn’t work out with Bunn.

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In tonight’s episode, audiences will witness what happens after Bunn refuses a rose from Frazier, walks off, and is followed by ex-girlfriend-turned-bestie Michelle Money. What’s interesting about this turn of events is that Frazier previously told us that she enjoyed her time with Money and that the single celebrity mom gave Frazier her blessing to go after Bunn.

We haven’t seen any developing friendships between Frazier and the other girls, but her closest ally is yet to arrive; Christy Hansen from Juan Pablo’s season shows up tonight. “When Christy comes in the house, she is such a doll,” Frazier shared. “She and I become really good friends. It’s so nice to make a really good friend.” We can’t wait to see all the new match-ups!

You can keep up with AshLee (and Bachelor in Paradise fashion!) on her fashion blog and Twitter @ashleefrazier. Don’t forget to catch her and the rest of the cast on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. Plus, a special episode airs TONIGHT at 8/7c!