Cupid's Pulse Article: Sharing May Not Always Be CaringCupid's Pulse Article: Sharing May Not Always Be Caring

By Sarah Batcheller

Living with your significant other is a blissful thing. When you’re in love, it’s great to come home to each other after a stressful day of working and wake up next to each other each morning. Sharing the bed makes for cozier nights; not to mention, sharing responsibilities makes things a lot easier on both of you.

Reality eventually sets in though. At the end of these long days, you still want some things to belong to just you. After a couple months of being able to snag his comfy t-shirt whenever you want, it’s not so fun when you realize he’s been using your favorite bath towel to dry the floor or your expensive shampoo as his body wash. Cupid is here to dish on what’s good to share and what’s good to keep separate:

1. Keep your personal products separate: This is mainly for hygiene purposes. Toothbrushes should never be shared — and no, it doesn’t matter if it’s being used by the same mouth you kiss! That goes for razors and loofahs as well. Anything that has the purpose of cleaning and primping a person should be reserved solely for that person. Plus, people tend to be borderline OCD when it comes to their bathroom products, so it’s best to avoid arguments over this issue by respecting one another’s boundaries.

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2. Share your groceries: Food in the house should be neutral territory. You’re not bunking with your college roomie anymore, so you don’t have to worry about rationing your groceries fairly. Food is the sustenance of life, and sharing meals is a great way to bond and express mutual love. That means the food buying expenses and responsibilities are also shared. Remember that surprising your babe with their favorite snack food is a great way to add a little romance to your living situation.

3. Share pet care responsibilities: Even if a cat or dog belonged to one partner before merging households, it’s still considerate to pitch in with the caring for said pet. When you agreed to move in with your significant other, you knew that the animal was part of the deal too. You might as well get into the habit of filling up their food bowl and scratching their tummy!

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4. Share only certain clothing items: It’s easy (and even kind of cute) to grab your honey’s t-shirt when you’re in a hurry or even when you just want to lounge around. Sweatpants are in the same category. But ladies, your man may or may not like it so much if you throw on his boxers to sleep in, so make sure you get the okay before stealing his favorite penguin-covered pair. Similarly, gentlemen, steer clear of anything that can be stretched out, like socks or slippers (no matter how comfy and fuzzy they are) because that is the ultimate pet peeve among females.

5. Keep finances separate: Unless you’re married, it’s wise to maintain your money and bills as your own responsibility. Of course, rent and other utilities will be split, because, well, you live together, but everything else you’re financially responsible for should be yours alone. This way, you’re not crossing any lines that could lead to tense arguments. Sharing finances can be a messy avenue to travel unless you’re totally, 100 percent committed.

What things do you share with your live-in partner? Tell us in the comments below!