Cupid's Pulse Article: Ryan Seacrest Aspires for a Marriage Like His Mom and DadCupid's Pulse Article: Ryan Seacrest Aspires for a Marriage Like His Mom and Dad

By Sarah Batcheller

As Ryan Seacrest nears his 40th birthday in December, he’s thinking about what it is in life that matters forever- love! According to People, Seacrest thinks this means a marriage like his mother and father’s, which is a healthy and happy one. His parents have been married for over 40 years, so now the multi-media mogul is thinking about how and when finding the same kind of love is in store for him, and the 40-year milestone is a wonderful time. Seacrest says his goal is to find balance in the coming year, which means focusing a little less on work, and a little more on the sweeter things in life.

How do you know when you’re in a healthy relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Balance is important in any relationship, and it can be hard to see the signs if you’re in an unhealthy relationship. Cupid has some hints that point to a healthy relationship:

1. You spend  quality time together: Even amid all the craziness of work, school, and all other responsibilities, you and your partner make sure you set aside time to be together, and not just to sit around the house, but to have fun and bond. Spending quality time together allows both people to continue to feel connected throughout the days, even when they haven’t seen each other for a bit. In long-distance relationships, this means making time for quality conversations, and not just texting all the time.

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2. You both make compromises: Being in a relationship means being part of a team, and when you’re on a team, the goal is not for individual members to win, but for the whole group to win. This means that in a healthy relationship, both partners consider the team when it comes to big decisions, like relocating, and even little ones, like where to get dinner. Compromise means considering what will sustain a happy, functional relationship, rather than one person only considering themselves.

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3. You’re not afraid to be vulnerable: Masking your feelings will set you on the fast track to the demise of your relationship. If both partners can be vulnerable, it makes it easier to compromise, because you know what each other truly want, deep down. Showing your true colors will allow your partner to nurture your deepest feelings.

How do you make sure your relationship stays healthy? Share with us in the comments below!