Cupid's Pulse Article: Jill Duggar and New Husband Derick Dillard Are Expecting First ChildCupid's Pulse Article: Jill Duggar and New Husband Derick Dillard Are Expecting First Child

By Sarah Batcheller

Just two months in to holy matrimony, Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard are expecting their first child. According to, the happy news was released by the mother-to-be and her hubby on August 20th. Happiness surrounds the couple, as Duggar took to Twitter to announce the couple’s one year “Skypiversary” on August 17th- the anniversary of the first time they Skyped. The two were introduced by Duggar’s father, and immediately knew they’d be together forever. Duggar is the fourth of nineteen children in her family’s household, and the second to become a parent, following her older brother, Josh.  Now that the  couple are “one kid and counting”, we can’t wait to hear potential baby names!

What are some ways to decide when to have your first child?

Cupid’s Advice:

A baby, like marriage, is the beginning of a wonderful new adventure. In order to enjoy the experience of having your first child, rather than stress a lot over it, it’s important to be prepared and know when it’s the right time for you and your spouse.  Here we’ve got some tips on how to decide when the time is right for you:

1. You’ve got your “younger” aspirations out of the way: Being a parent is a full-time job, and it’s hard, heck- it’s impossible- to balance it with spontaneity and reckless abandonment. If you and your spouse have always desired to, say, travel to Tuscany, or backpack Ireland’s countryside, you’re not going to do so hauling a baby around. You know the time for a first child is right for you when you’ve already satisfied your thirst and curiosity of wilder things.

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2.  You swoon every time you see a baby: You know your parental instinct has kicked in when you briefly plot snatching up someone else’s baby every time you see one. Just kidding, we know you wouldn’t do that. At the very least, when you walk through the aisles at a department store and spot the baby section, you start planning tiny outfits. If your heart melts at the mere sight of a baby, then go ahead and make your dream come true.

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3. You treat your pets like children: You dress up your dog,spoon-feed your cat, and even read to your parakeet. All of these things are signs that your parental instinct is in high gear! If you know you’re capable of loving and nurturing smaller creatures, and are 100% dedicated to doing so, take the next step and bring your own bundle of joy into the world.

When did you know the time was right for you to have your first child? Tell us in the comments below!