Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contestant Chris Bukowski Talks Friendship with Michelle Money and Celebrity Break-Up from Elise MoscaCupid's Pulse Article: ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Contestant Chris Bukowski Talks Friendship with Michelle Money and Celebrity Break-Up from Elise Mosca

By Sarah Batcheller and Whitney Johnson

If you tuned in to the third episode of Bachelor in Paradise last night, then you saw a new side of reality TV contestant Chris Bukowski. In an exclusive celebrity interview, had the chance to speak to the Illinois native, and he expressed that this sensitive, softer side of him is more true to form than what was previously portrayed on the small screen, stating, “This is the side that my friends and family see everyday.” 

Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Chris Bukowski

Choosing to leave Mexico because of a knee injury, Bukowski asked his new BIP love interest Elise Mosca to head home with him. When Mosca accepted, Bukowski gave his final rose to BFF Michelle Money, in order to extend her chance at finding a relationship love on the show. “She [Money] is one of my closest friends in the reality TV world and the real world,” the reborn fan-favorite says. “She deserves someone to share her life with, and I want to see that happen for her. She’s truly an amazing person, and I wanted to give her the opportunity to find someone amazing for herself.”

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It’s no surprise that the blue-eyed entrepreneur appreciates being portrayed in a more positive light. He’s glad that the Bachelor in Paradise audience finally saw who he truly is, concluding, “Something that everyone in my life will say about me is that I’m honest. If people were more honest to themselves and to each other, there’d be a lot less bullshit in this world — and on reality TV!”

Bachelor in Paradise Star Talks Celebrity Break-Up

While there’s no doubt that fans were surprised to see this version of Bukowski, what everybody really wants to know is how his whirlwind romance with Mosca netted out. Bukowski shares that Mosca stayed in Chicago with him for six days after they left Tulum and that they dated for about a month after that. Unfortunately, though, the two lovebirds couldn’t make it work. “I broke it off because we were at two very different points in our lives,” the Bracket Room owner admits of their celebrity break-up. “I wasn’t confident that Elise was the right girl for me and didn’t want to lead her on to believe anything different.”

Sources close to us say that the adorable couple were flown back to Mexico before filming of Bachelor in Paradise ended with the intention of updating the rest of the cast (and viewers, of course!) on the status of their relationship and love. They also shared that this scene never played out because the producers wanted Chris Bukowski to propose, but he wasn’t ready to.

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Despite their celebrity breakup, the currently-single restaurant owner only has nice things to say about Mosca. “It’s tough for me to hear people say she’s crazy when she’s only crazy about falling in love,” he explains. “She’s a nice, genuine girl, and I’ve never heard anyone who knows her say a bad thing about her. She’s very caring and will make someone very lucky one day…as long as she lays off the sequin outfits!” he jokes.

Bukowski also encourages Bachelor in Paradise fans to “not punish someone for wanting to be loved. All we need is love, and love is actually all around,” he says in reference to the movie Love Actually. He adds, “I love that movie, by the way!”

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