Cupid's Pulse Article: Ben Affleck Gets Playful with Jennifer Garner During Ice Bucket ChallengeCupid's Pulse Article: Ben Affleck Gets Playful with Jennifer Garner During Ice Bucket Challenge

By Ann Luther

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have set another crazy adorable relationship goal with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Affleck was challenged to support awareness for the cause by Tyler Perry. In the video, Affleck nominates four people who he knows “from firsthand experience look good in a wet T-shirt,” chief among them being his wife. Upon finishing his list of nominations, Garner dumps the ice bucket over her husbands head who immediately grabs her by the waist and hurls the both of them, fully clothed, backwards into a pool. In the background, you can hear their children laughing boisterously. says Affleck’s video may be “the best yet.” We agree!

What are some ways to bond as a couple through charity?

Cupid’s Advice:

Charity is a marvelous way to reflect and give thanks for what you have. If one of the things your grateful for is your happy relationship, then finding a way to give back to your community can be twice the fun if you participate with your partner. Here are some ways to strengthen your bond as you strengthen a cause:

1. Pick a cause that’s important to both of you: There are a million causes that need support: cures for cancers and other diseases, meals for the impoverished, youth literacy, ending animal cruelty, the list goes on and on… and on. So, there is going to be at least one cause that is special to both of you. Picking a cause and working together to aid it will bring you two closer on a spiritual level. You’ll get to explore different sides of each other that can only be brought out through selfless acts like charity.

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2. Create your own event to help your cause: You can have so much fun with charity if you raise money the way you want to! Plan a 5k, a bicycle race, a dance, or even a classic cocktail party. The pair of you will get to spend extra time planning before the event, relish in the event itself, and be able to donate something together when it’s all over with. It’ll be a toss up as to who is benefiting more from your work!

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3. Participate in your partner’s charity of choice: If there is something truly special to your beau’s heart, educate yourself on the cause and why exactly it is important to him. Then, find a way to get involved! Your guy will love the effort you put into something so close to him. Sign both of you up for an event and have fun with it. On the day of, embrace those special moments that you can’t get out of your every day routine.

Have you bonded with your partner through charity? Share your stories in the comments below!