Cupid's Pulse Article: Are You Sure You Aren’t the Other Woman?Cupid's Pulse Article: Are You Sure You Aren’t the Other Woman?

By Sarah Batcheller

Many of us may have the tendency to occasionally let our trust issues get the better of us, and we begin to wonder what our significant other is up to when we’re not around. It can even get as bad as suspecting them of having an affair. It is less common, though, for us to look at ourselves and wonder, “Could I be the woman on the side of his real relationship?” Just as there are warning signs that someone is cheating on you, there are signs that you are the one he’s cheating with. No lady looking for love wants to fall under the category of the other woman! With that thought in mind, here is Cupid’s advice on how to know if you should get yourself out of your current situation before an angry girlfriend (or worse — wife!) leads a torch-bearing mob down your street:

1. He hasn’t introduced you to his friends or family: Well, that’s simply because no man has the audacity to admit to his closest comrades, especially his family, that he’s dating two women. Not to mention, secrets aren’t kept very well that way. Unfortunately for you, if he hasn’t introduced you yet, it may be because you are the lesser of the two ladies. If it’s been a few months and things are getting more serious, it’s time to meet the important people in each other’s lives. If he refuses when you bring it up, that’s probably because one of those people includes a significant other.

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 2. You’ve never been to his house: In fact, he won’t even share his address with you so you can send him a sweet gift or card. This is likely due to the fact that his main girl lives with him or at the very least holds the ranking  that allows her to make frequent or unannounced visits. Also, he probably doesn’t want nosy neighbors acquiring any knowledge that could out him.  Come on, haven’t you seen Desperate Housewives?

 3. He takes a long time to get back to you: If he takes hours or even days to simply respond to a text, voicemail, or e-mail, it may be because he’s around a person (or people, like his friends and family) who he doesn’t want to catch a glimpse of your message. This rude delay is due to the fact that you’re on the back burner and therefore not important enough to respond to in a timely manner.

4. He doesn’t take you out: He uses the excuse that he just likes to come over, cuddle, and watch a movie, but in actuality, he doesn’t want to risk bumping in to anyone, like his friends, his girlfriend, or even his girlfriend’s friends.This also means you’re not worth the event of getting all dressed up for a fancy date night. Plus, he doesn’t want to have to spend money on someone who’s less important than his significant other, who he does pay for.

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5. You have the same hunch a girlfriend would: Just like a bonafide girlfriend may suspect cheating, you suspect the same, except your suspicion comes along with a combination of one or more of the aforementioned signs. In addition to these signs, you might notice that another girl tags him in pictures on Facebook, he’s always on his phone, or he seems distracted. Basically, you suspect he’s cheating, but due to the other red flags, you realize he’s not cheating on you; he’s cheating with you.

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