Cupid's Pulse Article: Taylor Swift References “Dramatic” Ex-Boyfriends at Teen Choice AwardsCupid's Pulse Article: Taylor Swift References “Dramatic” Ex-Boyfriends at Teen Choice Awards

By Laura Seaman

Taylor Swift struck again as she made a clever comment about her ex-boyfriends at the Teen Choice Awards, according to The country star was presenting the award for Choice Actor in a Drama Movie when she made the comment, “I was excited when they asked me to come and present this award, because no one knows more about dramatic males than I do.” One of her exes, Harry Styles, won multiple awards with his band One Direction that night, and he ended up beating Swift for the Choice Smile award.

What are some ways to deal with dramatic exes?

Cupid’s Advice:

Most people try to avoid drama, and for good reason. It’s immature, annoying, and can seriously mess up relationships. It’s hard enough to date a dramatic person, but sometimes it’s even more difficult to deal with a dramatic ex. They can’t seem to just move on, and they want everyone to know about it. Here are some tips to deal with that ex who doesn’t know when to end the drama:

1. Unfriend and unfollow them on social media. Passive aggressive Facebook statuses and mopey song lyrics on Twitter can get really old really fast. If you really want to get rid of this annoying virtual drama, the solution is simple: get rid of that person on your social media. No more notifications from them!

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2. Avoid places where they might be. Dealing with a dramatic ex is even worse when it’s in person, so while it might be a bit inconvenient at times, it’s worth it to avoid the award staring, whispering behind your back, or even a scene if your ex is super dramatic. If you know your ex is going to be somewhere, do your best to avoid that place at all costs! It’s not cowardly, it’s smart.

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3. Don’t give in to the drama. Sometimes your ex will try to drag you into the drama and try their best to make you respond. Whatever you do, don’t give them the satisfaction of reacting! Ignore them and don’t let their words get to you. Maintain your composure and let them make a fool of themselves without you. Sometimes it might be tempting to shout back and put them in their place, but this is what they want and will only make things worse!

How have you dealt with a dramatic ex? Let us know in the comments!