Cupid's Pulse Article: Courteney Cox’s Fiance Johnny McDaid’s Mom “Loves” HerCupid's Pulse Article: Courteney Cox’s Fiance Johnny McDaid’s Mom “Loves” Her

By Shannon Seibert

Impressing the parents is quite the feat, but Courteney Cox has certainly mastered the art of making a lasting impression. Cox’s fiancé Johnny McDaid’s mother Pauline McDaid gushed about her daughter-in-law to be. Pauline shared that the Cougar Town star is extremely empathetic and that she feels like a part of the family. According to Pauline said the pair are happily in love, and can’t wait to be married.

What are some ways to impress your partner’s parents?

Cupid’s Advice:

Meeting the family is a huge deal. First impressions say a lot about people, but you do want to make a lasting impression. The best way to impress his parents is to not try to be overly impressive. just be yourself and take these subtle suggestions into consideration for when you’re with his family:

1. Remember stuff about them: It sounds simple enough, right? Remembering her favorite recipes, their hobbies, his favorite place to go fishing. All of the little things accumulate over time. His parents will feel appreciated that you would take the time to get to now them and want to learn about them. Ask them questions about how they met, funny memories, and what your partner was like growing up. They’ll enjoy the conversation and you’ll get to know them through the way they talk about him.

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2. Not being afraid to be yourself: Your partner’s parents are going to be looking for a good match for their son. They will value your honesty over everything else. Don’t shy away from talking about your goals, plans, and what has made you who you are. If they can’t appreciate you, then it’s a good thing you’re dating your partner and not his parents.

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3. Be inclusive: There is nothing more exciting to parents than being included in their children’s life. Be the one to reach out and invite them over for a barbecue, get your nails done with his mother, play a family game of poker, anything to interact with them. This way you won’t just be the woman steering their son away, you’ll be a part of their family too.

What are some ways you were able to get close to your partner’s family? Share with us in the comments below!