Cupid's Pulse Article: Beyonce and Jay-Z Continue to Avoid Each Other on TourCupid's Pulse Article: Beyonce and Jay-Z Continue to Avoid Each Other on Tour

By Laura Seaman

All the signs point to trouble in paradise for Beyonce and Jay Z. The couple is currently on tour together, appearing to be fine working together on stage. However, a source tells, “They stayed separately in both New York and L.A. for several nights.” Another source reported that Beyonce was seen looking at apartments by herself in New York City. There are multiple predictions that the couple will officially split after their tour, but an insider close to Beyonce insists that they are fine. “They have issues, like every other couple,” the source said.

How do you keep your troubled marriage under wraps?

Cupid’s Advice:

Marriages go through rough patches, but that doesn’t mean anyone else has to know about it. Sometimes it can be embarrassing, and maybe once others find out they might start trying to ‘fix’ things or telling you that it was never going to work in the first place and encouraging a split. Here are some ways to keep your marriage troubles a secret:

1. Avoid going to events by yourself. You can probably get away with saying that your partner is busy during one family event, but when you start showing up everywhere without your significant other, things start to look suspicious. This is when you need to talk to your partner about working together to keep up appearances or just announcing a split.

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2. Show a little PDA. If you’re still going places together, that’s a good step! However, it won’t help much if you’re sitting far apart and refuse to even touch each other. Try holding hands or sharing a kiss every once in a while. Tension can be easy to see, but affection is a great way to settle any doubts. And who knows, maybe it can help you feel closer as a couple and work on settling your issues!

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3. Keep your fights between yourselves. This can mean two different things. First, don’t have fights when you’re with friends or family, even if they’re tiny little snide remarks back and forth. These people know you, and they’ll pick up on it. Second, don’t talk about your fights with others. It’s probably tempting to rant about a fight to your friends, but unless it’s only one friend that you are absolutely sure can keep a secret, try to keep it to yourself.

How would you keep marriage issues a secret? Let us know in the comments!