Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Maternity Expert Rosie Pope Encourages Moms “To Be Really Present in the Moment”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Maternity Expert Rosie Pope Encourages Moms “To Be Really Present in the Moment”

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Laura Seaman.

Rosie Pope knows all things related to pregnancy and parenting, bringing child care and fashion advice to mothers and mothers-to-be everywhere. She owns Rosie Pope Maternity and Rosie Pope Baby, runs MomPrep classes, and is often featured on television for her mothering expertise. Fans may also recognize her from the Bravo reality TV show Pregnant in Heels. As if that’s not enough to keep her busy, she’s also the author of Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy.

Celebrity Interview with Reality TV Star Rosie Pope

The maternity expert and celebrity mom welcomed her fourth child, daughter Bridget Monroe, in March, and luckily, her older kids — son James Roderick, almost 6, son Wellington Reade, 3, and daughter Vivienne Madison, 2 — are happy to have a new baby sister. “The sweetest thing about bringing Bridget into the world is that her siblings are so attentive to her. They want to do everything for her and just be really involved,” she explains in our celebrity interview. This new baby didn’t bring the jealousy and clambering for attention like the previous children did, so maybe the fourth time is the charm!

Of course, with summer coming to a close, we asked the London-born star about how having a big family affects their celebrity vacations and time together. They like to keep it local, though she says they’re a “pretty adventurous” bunch. When it comes to transportation, driving is the only option, as you can imagine the hassle of a family of six at the airport. “We’re all about the minivan!”

There’s one mother that we’ll never see driving a minivan, and that’s Kate Middleton, the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge. Middleton and Prince William recently celebrated their son Prince George’s first birthday, and the media didn’t miss a second of the celebration. So how will the royal lifestyle impact the adorable prince’s upbringing? “As he gets older, he’s going to start being more and more aware of what’s going on around him. As a baby, he doesn’t realize that there are paparazzi everywhere and that everyone wants to know everything about him.” Of course, his father was also brought up in the public eye, and he can help his son every step of the way.

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Celebrity Mom Shares Best Relationship Advice

Whether you’re the future queen of England or a mother of two in a small town, you can bet that your marriage will change after you have children. A growing family means more stress and responsibility, but it also brings a new happiness that you didn’t have before. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember how to be a couple with your partner, but Pope has some relationship advice for every parent to follow.

First, you have to make good communication a priority in your relationship. “It’s really, really difficult to communicate with each other when so much is going on. You have to be honest about the things that aren’t working and the things that are working,” she shares in our celebrity interview. “If you dish it out, you have to be able to take it too. So if you want your partner to be honest with you about things that aren’t quite right, you have to be able to handle that.”

Next, she encourages you to not wait until Friday night to have a date night. Take advantage of any free time and do something spontaneously! Pope’s favorite date night is when her and her husband enjoy some alone time at home. After all of the kids are in bed, her husband cooks a delicious meal, she makes cocktails, and they meet on the porch to have a romantic evening together.

The third must on the maternity expert’s list is taking the normal parts of every day and making them special. This could be going to the gym together, taking a trip to the grocery store, or getting ready together in the morning. Use these seemingly ordinary daily chores to enjoy each other’s presence and build on your relationship. Now that your life is busier than ever, you need to appreciate the little things.

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Last on the celebrity mom’s list of advice is telling your love story when times get tough to “remind each other of how you used to feel.” Now that you’re parents, it might be hard to remember when you were both single and just getting to know each other. Think about falling head-over-heels in love with each other and why you thought your partner was the perfect person for you.

Perhaps the most difficult adjustment for new parents to make is finding time to be intimate. Her solution to this situation is, as she put it, very much like going to the gym: “Get creative, make yourself do it, and you won’t regret it!” Remind yourself that you have to be intimate as a couple, even with the hustle and bustle of being parents. You have to work for it!

Not only does Pope have the busy life of a wife and mom, but she’s also juggling the stress and pressure of an extremely successful career as a maternity expert. Handling it all is simple: “It’s about two things. First, you have to be really present in the moment, because you don’t have a lot of time to do anything. Savor any minutes that you spend by yourself, with your kids, or while you’re at work. You have to be 100 percent present to feel fulfilled and know that you’re getting the most out of every moment.”

And second, you have to remember that life changes. The kids won’t be toddlers forever, so you won’t always have to deal with the messes, the need for attention, and the constant craziness of little ones. However, that also means that the positives of the toddler stage will fade. “Now, they want to play with me all of the time, but I know in a few years, I won’t be cool enough,” the author says with a laugh.

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Pope is one mother who seems to have it all figured out. And she certainly knows what’s not in her future: another reality TV show. “Reality TV is crazy, and I don’t think I’m that crazy!” Don’t rule out a second book — or a fifth child — just yet though. “If I don’t have another baby, maybe I’ll write another book next year!”

For now, she’s focusing on her baby clothing line, Rosie Pope Baby, which launched in February and is continuing to expand. The adorable outfits are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from newborn to two years old. “It’s a real marriage between fashion and function,” she explains. “I think parents will find it very practical but also very pleasing.”

To see more of Rosie, check out her website, She also responds to questions via social media on her Twitter @RosiePope,,, and /