Cupid's Pulse Article: Ben Affleck Leaves Christmas Shopping to Wife, Jennifer GarnerCupid's Pulse Article: Ben Affleck Leaves Christmas Shopping to Wife, Jennifer Garner

Who would have pegged Ben Affleck for the old fashioned type?  According to People, in a recent interview with Ellen Degeneres, Affleck said that he leaves the holiday shopping up to his wife, Jennifer Garner.  Although Affleck is aware that his approach to Christmas shopping may be a bit outdated, he explained himself by saying that Garner is “just an efficient Christmas-shopping machine,” while he sits around sputtering over the single gift for which he’s most responsible — the one for his wife.

What are ways to split family responsibilities in a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

A relationship is all about sharing.  No one person can bear all the responsibility, no matter how capable they seem.  Cupid has some ways to help distribute the family responsibilities fairly:

1. Based on availability: Some weeks are more hectic than others.  Figure out how much free time both of you have, and then distribute the responsibilities accordingly.

2. Based on skills: Whether it’s shopping or fixing the car, you each have your own strengths.  In order to get everything done efficiently, split up responsibilities based on each other’s skillsets.

3. Based on past decisions: Whatever way you decide to split up the responsibilities, you should come to a decision each week or month about what each person is able and willing to take on.  Then, stick to it!