Cupid's Pulse Article: 10 Signs He’s Not That Into YouCupid's Pulse Article: 10 Signs He’s Not That Into You

By Whitney Johnson

You have a crush on that cute boy who works in the office next to yours, and after a few weeks of sneaking glances and grabbing lunch together, you’re obsessively decoding every look, smile, and text to determine if he likes you too. If you’re on the fence, it’s easy to make excuses for him or tell yourself that he’s just playing coy, but it’s important to be realistic about a future together. As you’re struggling to figure out his feelings, consider these 10 signs that he’s not that into you:

1. He never makes plans to see you: Sure, guys typically avoid taking the initiative to schedule a coffee or dinner date, but in the early stages of dating (or even before you start dating!), he will make an effort if he likes you.

2. He bails on his commitments: If he’s truly interested in you, he’ll do everything in his power to stay true to his word. So cancelling plans or just not showing up are both sure signs that he’s not feeling the love between you two.

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3. He talks about other girls: It sounds obvious, but it’s still worth stating: If he’s constantly mentioning his best friend’s sister or that “hot girl” he always see at the gym, you can take that as a hint that other women are still are still on his radar.

4. He takes forever to text or call you back: While you shouldn’t expect an immediate response every time you reach out to him, it’s not okay for him to wait a full day or two before replying back. You know he’s looked at his phone during that time, so don’t kid yourself.

5. He hasn’t introduced you to his friends: If a guy likes you, he’ll want show you off to his buddies. More than that, he’ll want to be around you as much as possible, including when he’s spending time with his pals.

6. He treats you like one of the guys: If he uses the same tone of voice as he does with his friends, he probably thinks of you as just a pal too. When a guy’s into you, he’ll talk to you differently; not only will he be sweeter, but his voice may even go up an octave or two.

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7. He avoids talking about the future: That doesn’t mean you’re already having serious chats about how many kids you want to have or where you want to live. If something as simple as a weekend getaway makes him uncomfortable, don’t expect him to be around for too many more weekends.

8. He has negative body language: Does he avoid eye contact? Or angle his body away from you? If so, chances are, he’s not looking to be anything more than friends.

9. He only wants to see you after midnight: Let’s get real: If he only wants to hang out when he’s drunk or heading home after his plans for the evening, he’s not into you. If he were, he would’ve included you in those plans instead of making you his booty call.

10. You have a bad feeling: Trust your instincts! After all, they’ve gotten you this far in life. If you think he’s not that into you, he’s probably not. It’s time to move on to someone who recognizes how great you are.

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