Cupid's Pulse Article: Kate Hudson Would Marry Fiance Matt Bellamy ‘For the Kids’Cupid's Pulse Article: Kate Hudson Would Marry Fiance Matt Bellamy ‘For the Kids’

By Sanetra Richards

Kate Hudson is in no hurry to walk down the aisle any time soon. According to, the 35-year-old actress talked about her relationship with love of three years, Matt Bellamy, during an appearance on The View on Monday, July 21st. “I just don’t have – I’m happy. We’re married. We’ve got kids and a family and we’ve got to find our time together alone,” the Wish I Was Here star said when asked about any possible marriage plans. “We are in it. I think if we do get married it will be for the kids, really. For us, we’re just happy. She continued to say, “I know that’s not really necessarily a golden ticket but there is something beautiful about the security of marriage. And we’ll get there when we get there.” The pair got engaged in April 2011 and welcomed a baby boy, Bingham, shortly after. Although Hudson and Bellamy, 36, had a bump in the road recently, a source revealed they are definitely “happy in love” and worked their way through it.

What are three good reasons to tie the knot?

Cupid’s Advice:

Making that step towards marriage is no easy thing to talk about, let alone actually do. For some time, you and your partner have been giving it some thought and could possibly be ready to make a lifetime commitment to one another. However, you think you may need some confirmation before this milestone approaches. Cupid has a few ways to find out if you are indeed ready to exchange vows:

1. You’ve met your soul mate: The one person you connect with like no other, the one person who knows nearly every single detail about you, the one person you cannot imagine life without, the one person who you are willing to spend decades with. If this remotely describes your relationship, it just may be time for the wedding nuptials (no pressure).

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2. Sealing the deal: Marriage gives you the opportunity to make your relationship beyond official. No more “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” you can even toss out the word “partner” if you’d like. Plus, a marriage license may be more sentimental and significant to you, rather than long-term cohabitating.

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3. You become a dynamic duo: Really. You will work as a team more so than ever. Whether that is dealing with financial decisions or something as simple as deciding and cooking dinner for the night – you’re in it together.

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