Cupid's Pulse Article: If He Doesn’t Pay For The Date, It’s A Bad Sign!Cupid's Pulse Article: If He Doesn’t Pay For The Date, It’s A Bad Sign!

By David Wygant

Read that title again. If he doesn’t pay for a date, it’s a bad sign. I have a rule: Whoever asks for the date, pays for the date — end of story. If a guy asks you out on a first date or even second date, he should be paying for it, plain and simple.  If you asked him out on the date, don’t sit there with your arms folded acting like a Disney princess. Pay for the check! You chose the place; you pay. You suggested the date; you pay.

Now, if you get involved in a relationship with him, you can start splitting it 50/50 if you want. There’s nothing wrong with you paying your way if you make more money than he does or if you just want to contribute. That I can understand. However, if you’re just on a date, he asked you out, you’ve had a great dinner, and he sits there staring at the check, trying to will it to your side of the table, you need to stare back at the check and will it back to him.

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Actually, if a man pulls that crap on you, excuse yourself for about ten minutes. Go to the bathroom. Check your makeup. Text some of your friends, or check your Facebook feed. Do the things you normally do when you have the iPhone in your hands and you’re trying to pass the time. You’re normally really good at this, so you know what I mean!

Now, take a peek out of the bathroom door. Has he paid for the check?  Does he at least have his credit card out? If the answer to those questions is no, go back to the table and say, “I’m getting tired. I think I better go home.”

Then stare at him again. Whatever you do, don’t reach for your credit card at all. Sit there until the cows come home if you need to. Sit there until there’s a full moon. This cheap man needs you to teach him a lesson. Don’t let him get away with it! Besides, you know you’ll never go out with him again, so make him suffer. He’s a one and done-er!

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Now, here’s what’s great about this: If you’ve both driven to the restaurant, which I strongly suggest you do, all you need to say is, “I’m going to go now while you take care of the check.”

A real man will grab the check instantly. That’s what I do all the time. A real man won’t say something like, “Hey, we’re a team. Let’s split the bill tonight.” Remember that Mr. Cheapskate is definitely cheap in every way, shape, or form. Let some other woman pick up the bill if she’s happy to fall for it. Get yourself out of there, and run girl, run!

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