Cupid's Pulse Article: Five Things No One Wants To Hear On a DateCupid's Pulse Article: Five Things No One Wants To Hear On a Date

By Sarah Batcheller

Sometimes, we hear certain phrases, and they alert a big, waving, red flag. Other times, we say those some phrases, not realizing how poorly they come across to someone we’re trying to impress. Below are five sayings you want to seriously avoid while out on a date, whether they’re coming from your mouth or his:

1. “I hate labels”: When someone says they hate labels, it can come across as, “I don’t want people to know I’m dating you.” Receiving this message is a huge turn-off. By saying it, you’re just expressing that you don’t want to have to fully commit to anything. But labels aren’t always a bad thing! They simply mean both partners have happily defined their relationship.

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2. “I don’t really have any hobbies”: If you say this phrase to someone, they will instantly picture you lounging in a dark basement and going through a bottle of wine alone. Hobbies are the vibrancy of a person’s character; they’re telling of where that person came from and what their interests and talents have grown into. Don’t be shy to share who you really are!

3. “I’ve never been in a committed relationship before”: Nobody wants to metaphorically hold your hand through the dating process — literally hold your hand, yes, but not actually take on the role of dating coach (besides, we have taken care of that for you!). While it may be true that you’ve never been in a committed relationship, that’s not something you want to share on a date. Your potential boo could interpret this as a premature excuse for an unwillingness to commit to them.

4. “I forgot my wallet at home”: What you’re really saying is, “I forgot my wallet at home.” What they’re hearing is, “I purposefully forgot my wallet, so I wouldn’t have to pick up this check.” This age-old trick is a huge deal breaker. Even if it were an honest mistake, any sign of flakiness is a wrong-way sign. Your date wants to know that you came fully prepared to the date and are wholeheartedly into it. Forgetting your wallet shows you rushed out of the door.

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5. “I still live with my mom”: Still living with your parents can be a sign that you’re not ambitious or responsible enough to get out on your own. Even if you’ve fallen on trying times and need to lodge there for a little, it’s not something you want to highlight to someone on a date. You’re basically just telling that person the reasons why you don’t see it working rather than focusing on all the reasons why it could work.

What’s the one thing you never want to hear on a date? Share in the comments below!