Cupid's Pulse Article: Adam Levine Marries Behati Prinsloo in MexicoCupid's Pulse Article: Adam Levine Marries Behati Prinsloo in Mexico

By Shannon Seibert

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are officially married. The couple tied the knot in a glamorous tent at Flora Farms in Los Cabos, Mexico on Saturday, July 19. About 300 guests joined them in the tropical paradise, bringing with them charitable donations instead of wedding gifts. The star-studded wedding was filled with many of Prinsloo’s fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels, Levine’s band members, and other celebrity guests. The beautiful pair will be spending their honeymoon in the terrain of South Africa, according to

Where are three unique tropical wedding destinations?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Tropical paradises are wonderful havens for romantic destination weddings. The crystal clear water, the island breeze, and the unique landscapes all create the picture-perfect venue for an island wedding. Just as it did for Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo, tropical scenery can only spice up your love. We’ve researched and have found these three unique tropical destination sites that could be the perfect place to host your special day:

1. Aruba:  Is one of the smallest islands on the map and it encompasses a ton of island-based activities. Cliff jumping, cave dwelling, and concentrated waterfalls are all beautiful sites to see and things to do on the minuscule piece if paradise. Aruba also has multi-colored villages, spreading  over areas lighting the scenery with brightly painted homes, shops, and other buildings, rendering it perfect wedding material.

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2. Santorini: Grecian paradise straight out of a movie scene, Santorini hosts a lot of tourism and large events. It is a popular destination due to it’s beautiful white buildings, white beaches, and white towers. In Santorini there are also tons of wineries that could be beautiful spots to host an outside ceremony, or a bachelorette wine tasting. There is a beautiful view at every corner and is said to have some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets across the globe.

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3. Tahiti: White beaches surrounded by dramatic mountain peaks sounds like a perfect wedding photo opportunity. Tahiti is remote in destination and is secluded enough for a tropical getaway without the burden of tourism. The islands of Tahiti are a great source of relaxation, with limited technology and lavish resorts, Tahiti could even be the destination for your honeymoon.

Where did you have your tropical wedding? Share with us in the comments below!