Cupid's Pulse Article: Jessica Simpson Gushes About New Husband Eric JohnsonCupid's Pulse Article: Jessica Simpson Gushes About New Husband Eric Johnson

By Shannon Seibert

Happily in love, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are not the couple to shy away from bragging about the love of their life. Having recently exchanged vows on Independence Day weekend, the Johnsons According to,  Simpson recent posted a photo to Instagram gushing about her man, captioning the image: “I love this man, our marriage, and everything in between.”

What are some ways to keep the spark alive after marriage?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Marriage is comforting because it has a form of security that no other relationship does. But in this security couples can get too comfortable with one another to the point to where they stop trying to attract one another. Consider these pointers when trying to keep the sparks flying between you and your man.

1. Keep courting your partner: Although technically you have won the game, you have to keep playing. In a strong marriage both people make an effort to continue to date each other. The flirting, date nights, and romantic gestures all seem to dwindle over time, but they are just as meaningful. Even if you are just posting a photo to Instagram like Jessica Simpson about her new hubby Eric Johnson, the gesture is still endearing and it reassures your partner that you’re still attracted to them in every way that you were before.

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2. Spend time away from each other: It sounds odd at first, but if you think about it, when you aren’t all wrapped up in each other, there gives you time for you to miss the person you love. Even if it’s just for a few hours a day, take time for yourself. The honeymoon phase of marriage doesn’t last long, don’t let Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson fool you, but you can recreate the feelings of attraction just by going back to the basics. Plus, in doing so you’ll also have new answers for each other when you ask your love about their day.

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3. Be adventurous in the bedroom: Routine relationship can lead to routine sex. This man is here to love you forever, so you might as well get inventive in the ways he can love you. Try out some new moves, buy some new lingerie to feel sexy in, embrace your inner sex goddess. Nothing is sexier than a woman who knows what she wants so let your hubby know exactly what you want.

How do you keep your marriage filled with butterflies? Share with us in the comments below!