Cupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Dating a Co-workerCupid's Pulse Article: Cupid’s Weekly Round-Up: Dating a Co-worker

By Shannon Seibert

In-office dating is risky. On the outside, it looks like a wild thrill ride that involves a lot of stolen glances, secret flirting, and sneaking around. Truth be told, your co-worker is still a person with dating potential. We’ve snagged these five articles from our partners to show you the most important points about dating in the workplace:

1. Despite the warnings, it can work out: Relationships are tough as it is, and when you factor in the stress of the workplace, things can get pretty intense. An in-office romance can challenge people to test boundaries that they haven’t before, but by pushing these limits, couples can also live their fairytale. Ginnifer Goodwin found her love story on the set of Once Upon a Time, where she literally fell for Prince Charming, played by Josh Dallas. (

2. Secrecy can lead to hotter sex: Keeping secrets can be fun! Subtle touches and hidden jokes within conversation create sexual tension unlike any other. The forbidden fruit always seems to be the ripest, so go ahead a pick it. Plus, it’s an added bonus when you catch him checking you out in the break room; it gives you something to look forward to when you clock out at the day’s end. (

3. There are a new set of rules: The dating game becomes a little more complicated when it comes to courting a colleague. For the sake of being professional around your boss and for the courtesy of others, keep public displays of affection to a minimum. They can hinder your work as well as jeopardize your position at the office. You’ll have direct contact on a daily basis, so just remember to toe the line from nine to five. (

4. It may become big news: In the office, all personal relationships are hot gossip. When you really start to fall for a co-worker, people will know just by looking at you. Some industries are more accepting of colleagues seeing each other romantically. Actors date other actors all of the time! In fact, Katie Holmes is allegedly dating her co-star in The Giver, Alexander Skarsgard. (

5. It can lead to a serious connection: Colleagues tend to develop strong bonds due to the common ground of their work. You understand the day-to-day grind, and you run in the same circles. This allows two people to know each other in more ways than ones. The way he deals with being stressed, flustered, or successful demonstrates a lot about his character. Seeing these sides of each other can lead to greater intimacy and understanding of one another. (

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