Cupid's Pulse Article: Scott Foley is Expecting a Third Child with Wife Marika DominczykCupid's Pulse Article: Scott Foley is Expecting a Third Child with Wife Marika Dominczyk

By Laura Seaman

Actor Scott Foley and his wife Marika Dominczyk are expecting their third child! The couple has a 2-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter. Foley announced his wife’s pregnancy via Twitter on July 15, a day after Dominczyk posted a picture of herself modeling maternity clothes with a… donkey? quotes her tweet saying “Sometimes you just gotta chill with your donkey. And your baby bump!”

How do you make your pregnant partner feel beautiful?

Cupid’s Advice:

When a woman is pregnant, she’s going through a lot both emotionally and physically. Sometimes it can be hard for her to keep her confidence levels up. As a dedicated partner, you should be there to let her know that she is still beautiful, she always has been, and always will be:

1. Go shopping for maternity clothes. When your partner starts to show and goes out to buy maternity clothes, so with her and tell her which ones you think look best. Give her your opinion and let her know how amazing she looks as she tries on her picks.

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2. Take photos with her. Sometimes women just feel self-conscious about photos in general, but when you’re putting on pounds for a baby, photos can seem like even scarier. Let your partner know that she looks perfect, even when she’s pregnant. Encourage full body pictures, not just pictures cut off below the shoulders!

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3. Go out on dates with her. Let your partner know that she can still get dressed up and out on a date, even with the baby bump. Take her somewhere fancy and treat her like the gorgeous woman you know she is. Show her off and complement her regularly. Treat it like one of your first dates where your goal was to impress her and make her feel like the most beautiful girl ever.

How did you make your pregnant partner feel beautiful, or how did your partner make you feel beautiful? Let us know in the comments!