Cupid's Pulse Article: Michael Phelps is Dating a New Woman!Cupid's Pulse Article: Michael Phelps is Dating a New Woman!

It looks like even the busiest Olympic athletes are finding time for some romance these days!  Olympic gold medalist, Michael Phelps, has been spotted around town with jewelry designer and reality TV star, Brittny Gastineau.  According to, a the duo appear to be in the early stages of their relationship.  This seemingly unlikely pair have more in common than just their good looks.  Gastineau’s father is former Jet’s play Marcus Gastineau, which allows her to understand Phelps’ athletic background. However, sources say that Gastineau has been in long-term relationships her whole life and is just looking to have a little fun.

Is it okay to date only for fun?

Cupid’s Advice:

We all know how amazing it is to be in love.  But sometimes you might just want to play the dating game without all the extra responsibility. Here are sometimes when that’s okay:

1. When you’re young: You have your whole life to be tied down, and once you find Mr. Right, he’ll probably be around for a while.  Get a feel for what’s out there before you make a decision.

2. You just got out of a relationship: If you just called it quits on a serious relationship, take some time to have a little fun.  See what else is out there!

3. When you’re figuring yourself out: Sometimes we have so much going on in our lives that the last thing we need is another obligation.  It’s perfectly fine to go out, let loose, and have some fun on the dating scene without all the pressure.