Cupid's Pulse Article: Adam Levine on His Upcoming Wedding: ‘It All Feels Very Natural’Cupid's Pulse Article: Adam Levine on His Upcoming Wedding: ‘It All Feels Very Natural’

By Sanetra Richards

“Here comes the bride . . .” And groom! Adam Levine is ready to get his hands dirty in the wedding planning business. The 35-year-old Maroon 5 singer told People, “I definitely feel like I’m sitting in the chair I’m supposed to be sitting in right now,” said Levine. “It all feels very natural.” In case you missed it, ‘The Voice’ judge is set to marry Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. So how exactly is he getting in on the planning this summer? “I’m probably doing more than you think and less than you think, as well,” says the Sexiest Man Alive. And his thoughts on what the wedding will be like? “It won’t be typical, I can tell you that.”

How can the groom be more involved in wedding plans?

Cupid’s Advice:

Believe it or not, a groom can actually take part in the wedding planning (seems quite bizarre since so many bridezillas exist). Your husband-to-be can actually bring many great, festive ideas to the table. Cupid has a few ways to include him in all of the madness:

1. Ask for his creative insight: Does your love have an eye for art? He could possibly offer some great suggestions when it comes to choosing colors, decorations, and arrangements. Do not be afraid to ask for his opinion. It could lead to fabulous wedding pictures and endless compliments.

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2. Money man: If you are not quite the person to handle finances well (or at least enjoy it), definitely include the groom in this process. He could set up the budget list and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on what all needs to be handled. By the end of planning, you may actually be calling him the “Money Man” as well.

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3. Music and drinks: What a wonderful combination. Put your groom to the test to see if he can handle a wonderful music selection AND choose the beverages for the big day. These are two things that will get guests going throughout the ceremony and reception. Hopefully, he will be able to accept the challenge and execute flawlessly.

How would you include your groom in wedding plans? Tell us about it below.