Cupid's Pulse Article: Justin Theroux Says He Fell in Love in a “Real, Legit Fashion”Cupid's Pulse Article: Justin Theroux Says He Fell in Love in a “Real, Legit Fashion”

By Sanetra Richards

Believe it or not, according to, Justin Theroux says he fell in love in a “real, legit fashion” with Jennifer Aniston.They have a normal, romantic relationship. In the August issue of Details, the 42-year-old Leftovers actor revealed they connected immediately just by reminiscing on a few memories of the “Waldorf grade-schooling they both received.” The two met back in 2007, when mutual friend Robert Downey Jr. introduced them to one another: “He and Jen fell in a real, legit fashion,” the actor told Details, “and he was willing from the jump to make sacrifices.” Since then, Theroux has been sure not to let the attention influence his ego or his relationship. “It doesn’t feel like a hardship; it doesn’t feel difficult,” he explained. “It can be an annoyance, but it’s not the end of the world. You have to center on what its core thing is, which is that you met someone you fell in love with. “

How do you know that you’re truly in love?

Cupid’s Advice: Finding love is one of the greatest feelings of all time. You’ve had your fair share of admirers in the past, but now, you think this special someone is here to stay. And guess what? You may actually be in love! Cupid has some ways to tell if you’re feelings are real:

1. Nothing feels better: Your head is up in the clouds; your heart flutters every time you see them; and you can’t stop daydreaming about the future — all of these feelings are undeniable. A relationship has never felt so great before. So what truly makes this time different? Ask yourself a few questions to see if you have indeed been shot by Cupid: What will I sacrifice for my partner? Do I see a future together? Is commitment an issue? Your responses will let you know if you’re in love or not.

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2. You have a strong connection: You and your partner have developed a foundation that you’re continuing to strengthen. You share the same morals and beliefs, and your bond is unbreakable. If this describes your relationship, the love bug may have bitten you!

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3. There are no comparisons: If you can’t even fathom being with another person and no one else can make you happier, the answer is quite simple. You’re in love!

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