Cupid's Pulse Article: Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Visit Her Parents in FloridaCupid's Pulse Article: Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Visit Her Parents in Florida

By Laura Seaman

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz are enjoying the sun and surf in Orlando, Florida, while also taking another step in their relationship. Over the Fourth of July weekend, not only did Madden enjoy the beach with Diaz, but met her family as well. “She goes there every summer and spends time hanging out on the beach with her aunt and her mom,” a source tells “She is super laid back and didn’t hesitate for a second to introduce him to her family.”

What are some unique was to introduce your partner to your parents?

Cupid’s Advice:

It can be awkward and nerve-racking to take the step of introducing your partner to your parents. These are the people who raised you, and to some parents, nobody will ever be good enough for their baby. Instead of going with the classic approach of having your partner over for a family dinner, try some of these unique introductions:

1. Go on a family trip. A trip to the beach seemed to go well for Diaz and Madden, so maybe it could work for you, too. A nice relaxing trip to the lake or beach is a great way for everyone to unwind and make the welcoming process go much smoother. A day off makes everyone happy, and happy parents are a great start.

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2. Go to a party together. If there’s a birthday party or other family event coming up, it might be a good idea to bring your partner along. Parties are fun and help people unwind, so it’s the perfect way to relieve the tension of a first meeting. It’s also a great way for the entire family to meet your partner instead of just hearing about them from your parents.

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3. Go to a show together. It could be a concert, a movie, or a theater performance. If both your parents and your partner like the show, they can bond over their similar likes and have a conversation about the performance. It will be a good bonding experience and you’ll have fun with it.

How did you introduce your partner to your parents? Let us know in the comments!