Cupid's Pulse Article: Brody Jenner Says He ‘Never’ Dated Lauren ConradCupid's Pulse Article: Brody Jenner Says He ‘Never’ Dated Lauren Conrad

By Sanetra Richards

Brody Jenner is letting the cat out of the bag! According to, the former Hills star is letting it all be known in his latest podcast, The Brody Jenner Podcast with Dr. Mike Dow. In addition to revealing he dated his brother Brandon’s wife Leah at one point in time, Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad never dated, despite what the show may have portrayed. As Dow began to name a few of Jenner’s past lovers, such as Avril Lavigne, Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, and Nicole Richie, Jenner stopped him in his tracks, saying, “That’s false. Lauren Conrad and I never dated. Lauren and I have always been just friends,” the Bromance stud went on to say. “We worked together on a show called The Hills where we had to pretend like we were dating, but we never dated.” After clearing up the L.C. rumors, the 30-year-old was also asked about his other “relationship” with cast mate Kristin Cavallari and if that too was staged. “I dated Kristin when we were very young … when she was on Laguna Beach and I was on a show called Princes of Malibu with Spencer Pratt … we met at a party in Hollywood … but during [The Hills] when we filmed, Kristin and I did not date, we were not hooking up.”

What are some ways to squelch rumors about your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Have you come across a situation similar to Brody Jenner’s and Lauren Conrad’s? Ever heard a bizarre rumor about something that happened (or didn’t happen) in your personal life and wondered, “Where do people come up with these kinds of things?” But you never knew how to put an end to all the crazy talk. Cupid had some tips for the next time someone spreads inaccurate information about your relationship:

1. Clear the air: The best way to probably put an end to all the madness is to state the facts. Without a doubt, the speculations will continue if something is not said. Let it be known that whatever has been disclosed is untrue. Feel free to reveal any other information that may provide evidence on why it is false.

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2. Ignore the nonsense: Not constantly feeding into rumors can also be used as method in helping them die down. Try not to pay it too much mind and all of the gossip will gradually disappear once people notice you are not giving in.

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3. Talk it over with the person it’s affected: You are certainly not the only one the craziness of a relationship rumor has affected. Be sure to discuss its impact with your partner (or speculated one). They probably want it to come to an end just as bad as you do – and are willing to do whatever it may take to make this happen.

How do you put an end to rumors about your relationship? Share your thoughts below.