Cupid's Pulse Article: Keith Urban Serenades Nicole Kidman on Stage for 8th AnniversaryCupid's Pulse Article: Keith Urban Serenades Nicole Kidman on Stage for 8th Anniversary

By Sanetra Richards

Want to show your love? Try singing it! According to, that is exactly what Keith Urban did for his wife, Nicole Kidman, at his concert in Melbourne, Australia on Wednesday, June 25th. The country star made their eighth wedding anniversary special by performing his self-written 2006 song “Once in a Lifetime” for his love (and rest of the audience). “A couple of months before the wedding, we were in our hotel, and we were talking about the future, and Nic was getting very nervous about marrying me,” Urban told fans. “She was saying things like ‘It’s a long shot,’ but I knew she loved me and was just nervous. I did everything I could to remind her that I was going to be her man forever,” he continued before performing his sultry ballad. Urban didn’t stop there — he went on to sing “Making Memories of Us.” “This is a song a lot of people have at their wedding,” Urban said. “We had it at ours. I sung it. I was too cheap to get anybody else, ” he joked. “Eight years, baby girl. This song is for you.” He then expressed his adoration to his wife, who was sitting in the VIP box. “I love you so much.”

What are some ways music can make your anniversary special?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your special day is coming up, and you have no idea what to do for your partner of X amount of years. Of course, you want to make it memorable and nothing like before. What better way than to incorporate music into your planning? Cupid has three ways that a sweet melody will sweep your sweetheart off their feet:

1. Music is symbolic: Do you and your partner have “a song”? If so, include that tune in your anniversary planning. Maybe it’s the song you both heard for the first time on a date and fell in love with it (and each other) instantly. Or perhaps it’s a song that describes your relationship perfectly. If you’re looking for a new song to bring into your relationship, listen to Taylor Swift’s “Our Song.”

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2. It says something that you’ve been thinking: Want to tell your significant other something you have been dying to get off of your chest but can’t quite put it into words? Well, try playing a song for them and showing how much you love and adore their presence in your life. Best way to go!

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3. It sets the perfect mood: Your partner will be on cloud nine or higher to know that you were thoughtful enough to come up with a song in honor of your anniversary. The lyrics or tempo will have significance to them for years to come.

How can music make your anniversary even better? Share your thoughts below.