Cupid's Pulse Article: Courteney Cox Is Engaged to Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaidCupid's Pulse Article: Courteney Cox Is Engaged to Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid

By Sanetra Richards

Another soon-to-be husband and wife! According to, Courteney Cox is on her way to becoming a married woman. The Cougar Town star and boyfriend Johnny McDaid both sent out their announcement via Twitter on June 26th: “I’m engaged to him!” and “I’m engaged to her!” The two were first spotted as a couple back in December 2013 at a holiday party hosted by actress Jennifer Aniston in Los Angeles. Ed Sheeran, the couple’s mutual friend, spread the word in April that the pair moved in together. “I’m not sure that it’s public knowledge, so maybe I shouldn’t have said anything—but, yes, they’re already living together,” the singer told The Mirror, a UK magazine“Things are moving fast. He moved in and, judging by the last time I saw them, they couldn’t be happier.” Later on that month, the love birds gushed about their relationship and singled out each other at Cox’s directorial debut premiere, Just Before I Go. “He supports me in every way,” Cox said. “He supports me creatively. He really believed in the movie…and not just because he likes me, though I know that helps.” McDaid added onto the gushiness: “Courteney is the most completely confident person I’ve ever met—at everything.” He continued on to say, “She gets music. She gets art. She gets the way a scene gets constructed, the way dialogue works. And she puts it all together in her mind and then explains it to the world and makes movies that make people laugh and cry, squirm and jump, all those things.”

How do you know when your relationship is ready for marriage?

Cupid’s Advice:

You and your partner have had conversations in the past about what the future may hold. The questions probably revolved around whether or not you’ll still be a couple, buy a house together, and have children together. Now, you’re ready to take it to the next level and actually turn those conversations into a reality. The only problem is, you are unsure of how to exactly make this happen and if the timing is right. Cupid has some tips to help:

1. You don’t want to be with anyone else: You’re pretty sure you have met your soul mate. This person understands you completely, and you understand them in the same way. You daydream about waking up to their face every morning and kissing them good night at the end of the day. If this describes what you are feeling, you may be ready to exchange vows.

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2. You don’t have any major problems: Of course, it’s normal for a couple to have a fight here and there. Still, you seem to agree on things most of the time and have the same values/morals. And let’s not forget, the two of you don’t fear the thought of an eternal commitment! I hear wedding bells — do you?

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3. You’re stable as a couple: This means mentally, emotionally, and financially. It is smart to be all three (or close to it) before thinking about marriage. Once you and your significant other become one in matrimony, you become one in these three factors as well.

What are some ways to know your relationship is ready for marriage? Share your thoughts below.