Cupid's Pulse Article: Daniel Radcliffe New Girlfriend Erin Darke Have ‘Great Chemistry’Cupid's Pulse Article: Daniel Radcliffe New Girlfriend Erin Darke Have ‘Great Chemistry’

By Shannon Seibert

Not only is their magic on screen but there is magic in the air. Star of the wizarding world Daniel Radcliffe is happily in love with his new girlfriend Erin Darke. The pair made their first red carpet appearance together at the Tony Awards. The couple met while filming Kill Your Darlings in 2012, but took their love-filled relationship into the spotlight just this past month, according

How do you determine if the chemistry in your relationship is strong enough?

Cupid’s Advice: 

When you’ve been in a relationship for quite a while, you’ll notice the “new” feeling begins to wear off. You’re used to each other and each other’s routines. Eventually you both create your own routine together. In order to keep the chemistry alive you have to find out whether or not the relationship will be worthwhile. Check for these three signs to see if your couple chemistry is going strong:

1. You get the traditional butterflies: When you catch their eye you feel your stomach dip, or your heart flutter. Even if it is only a little bit, your brain is telling you that you are happy to see them. You recognize their presence as a signal for love and happiness. If you still catch him looking at you like they way he looked at you when you first started dating, you know the chemistry is still sizzling strong.

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2. You talk about him all the time: When people love someone the person they love always seems to surface as a topic of conversation. You may get comments from your friends saying that they have already heard all about your inside jokes with your man. Though silly, it’s reassuring that your partner is still a focal point for what you’re passionate about. So what if you talk about him all the time? He’s all yours to brag about.

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3. You looked forward to alone time: Not only do you love going out and showing off your man, but you constantly find yourself impatiently waiting to get him all to yourself. When there is a lot of chemistry between two people they’re always in each other’s thoughts, although some of these thoughts are definitely more private than others. A good romantic relationship with a good sexual relationship leads to a strong and healthy relationship for a couple.

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