Cupid's Pulse Article: Benji Madden Says He’s ‘Lucky’ to be Dating Cameron DiazCupid's Pulse Article: Benji Madden Says He’s ‘Lucky’ to be Dating Cameron Diaz

By Laura Seaman

In an interview with the Nova FM radio station, Benji Madden said that him and his brother were “lucky guys.” The rock star was recently spotted holding hands while getting coffee in New York City on June 3. A source tells that the couple met through Nicole Richie, Madden’s sister in-law, who “thought they’d click.”

What are some unique ways to make your partner feel special?

Cupid’s Advice:

There are the obvious ways to let your partner you care, like kisses and hand-holding, but sometimes you want your efforts to stand out. Your relationship is special, and your partner deserves a unique way of being told they’re special. Here are some tips from Cupid on how to be extra creative when letting your partner know you care:

1. Get crafty! Get out your paintbrushes and scissors, because nothing says “I Love You” like a hand-made gift. If you’re artistically challenged, this could be something as simple as painting a picture frame or making a small scrapbook of your relationship. There’s a reason your parents kept those crappy stick drawings you gave them; they’re cute, and you made them yourself.  It’s the effort that counts, and your partner will appreciate it.

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2. Make a public gesture. If your partner isn’t afraid of the spotlight, a grad public gesture is an unforgettable way to show them you care. You might choose the classic skywriting option, or try serenading them in the park. Engrave your initials in a special place, or plan a romantic flash-mob surprise. Be creative, but make sure it won’t make your partner uncomfortable.

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3. Show them your family traditions. This is for more serious relationships, but if you think your partner might become part of the family someday, a great romantic gesture would be to include them in your traditions. Bring them to the secret fishing spot your grandfather used, or take them to a special family dinner. This will show your partner that they’re special enough to be included in your personal family life, and it won’t go unnoticed.

What are some ways you’ve shown your partner how special they are?