Cupid's Pulse Article: Nicole Sherzinger and Lewis Hamilton Share 6th Anniversary PicsCupid's Pulse Article: Nicole Sherzinger and Lewis Hamilton Share 6th Anniversary Pics

By Laura Seaman

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and the photos of Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton in Venice, Italy tell us that they had a wonderful trip to celebrate their sixth anniversary. According to the couple has been on and off multiple times in their six-year relationship, but they seem to be enjoying themselves this summer with a trip to the Hamptons following their international anniversary celebration.

What are some ways to make your anniversary special?

Cupid’s Advice:

Anniversaries can mean something different to every couple. Some may just acknowledge it as another year spent together while others may wish to celebrate the fact that their relationship is yet another year stronger with many more to hopefully come. Here are Cupid’s tips for any couple hoping to make their anniversary something special.

1. Make it unique and intimate. Some couples have little inside jokes, shared favorite things, or special rituals. This is a day about you two, so make it unique to your relationship. Share your favorite foods, go to the place where you first met, or make a CD of all your favorite songs while you just enjoy each others’ company.

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2. Try something different. On the other hand, maybe it’s time to add a new memory to the relationship. Maybe you could take a cooking or painting class together, or take a road trip to a place you’ve never been. After years of being together, maybe it’s time to spice things up, and this is a perfect chance to do just that.

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3. Give them your full attention. This day is about you and your partner, so make a point to show them that you take this day seriously. If it’s a weekend, put away your phone and don’t check your email. If it’s a workday, call them during lunch or send them a small gift at the office. Show your partner that you know just how special this day is and how amazing the year has been.

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