Cupid's Pulse Article: Just Friends – Is Jennifer Lopez Dating Maks Chmerkovskiy?Cupid's Pulse Article: Just Friends – Is Jennifer Lopez Dating Maks Chmerkovskiy?

By Shannon Seibert

Even though they have publicly denied dating, the tension between Jennifer Lopez and Maks Chmerkovskiy is absolutely sizzling. Apparently the Dancing with the Stars pro, 34, attended Jennifer Lopez’s show at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut on Saturday, June 21. Lopez, 44, and Chmerkovskiy then went and danced all night at Shrine Nightclub, creating quite the flirty scene for onlookers. Sources say that the two remained close to each other all night and the pair even held hands and talked before sharing a long hug and saying goodbye, according to

How do you decide when to go public with your new relationship?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Okay, so you’ve been keeping things casual for the time being, but how are you supposed to know when the right moment is to take things to the next level? Dating is a complicated game and you have to play your cards right or else things could not end in your favor. You don’t want to get andy or jump into things too quickly, so take a step back and think for a moment. We’ve picked out three major signs that you can use to interpret whether or not your relationship is ready to go public:

1. You are publicly showing affection for one another: If you’re at the point of holding hands and kissing in public without second thought, you’re probably heading in the right direction. If he isn’t shy about wrapping his arm around you as you stroll into a local restaurant, he won’t shy away from calling you his girlfriend.

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2. You consider it weird not to hear from one another all day: In a new relationship everything is about testing the waters and this includes limiting communication. You don’t want to come off too strong or get overly invested while you’re still in the trial stage. So when you’re at the point in your relationship when you are messaging back and forth all day, talking on the phone, or hanging out every other day, you’re prime and ready to take things public.

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3. You’ve met his parents: This is a huge and critical step in moving forward in your relationship. If you have met the man and woman who has instilled his values, then he definitely treasures you in his life. This is a privilege given to few and taken for granted by many. If his parents like you, they will serve as your advocate and can help you and your man connect on an even deeper level.

How did you know when it was time to move things forward? Tell us your story in the comments below!