Cupid's Pulse Article: First Comes Love, Then Comes Baby…Then Comes Marriage?Cupid's Pulse Article: First Comes Love, Then Comes Baby…Then Comes Marriage?

By Shannon Seibert

When you were a child and jumped rope, singing along to the popular carol, we were taught that in a relationship the correct timeline was love, marriage, and baby in a baby carriage. But in today’s day and age, society is going about things quite differently.  We’ve pulled some facts from a recent study by Zoosk that shines light on the underlying truth on how the current generation approaches their relationships in contrast to how they’re idealistically projected.

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One shocker that was uncovered is that sex before love is normal. The days of women waiting until marriage are waning. In fact, a lot of couples sleep together before they are even officially dating. Sexual compatibility has become an increasingly definable characteristic for relationships. If a couple doesn’t feel passion for each other in bed, then they are less likely to make a relationship work because they will just look for better sex elsewhere.

But on the other hand, marriage before moving in is more common, especially with younger people.  This is understandable because people like to be their own person until they officially attach themselves to another. What if things don’t work out? What if you move in, just to move back out? Whose place do you choose? There are a lot of questions that require complex answers, so it’s generally easier to hold off until marriage, after which most decisions are made together.

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Another matter to consider is having children. The relevancy of baby talk is more common since people are having sex earlier in their relationships. The study shows that, on average, couples begin stirrings of baby talk around the 7-month marker; however, the average life commitments are made around 14 months.

As seen in the media, couples often get pregnant before they are married, essentially speeding into making a family together. Many celebrity pairs, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson, begin a family before getting hitched. What had once been a biting scandal is now the norm.

In terms of scandal, the juiciest is right here: Men are looking for love, not just sex. That’s right! Women accuse men of only being after one thing, but that isn’t necessarily true. Contrary to popular belief, men are prone to searching for love and the right woman. Men are actually quicker to push the relationship milestones, such as saying “I love you,” going on vacation together, and putting a ring on it. So don’t fear, ladies. He is thinking about a future with you.

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