Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘You & A’ Music Host Clare Galterio Shares Dating Advice and Says, “Give Everyone a Chance”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘You & A’ Music Host Clare Galterio Shares Dating Advice and Says, “Give Everyone a Chance”

Interview by Brittany Stubbs. Written by Anna Averill.

Clare Galterio is the newest face on the Music Choice Network and host of the hit show You &A, where she gets the scoop on today’s hottest artists while listeners play along at home by asking their own questions via Twitter. She has chatted with dozens of chart-topping artists, including Hunter Hayes, NeonTrees, Nick Cannon, and Imagine Dragons, just to name a few. In addition to interviews with musicians, the 30-minute talk show features live performances.

Celebrity Interview with Clare Galterio

While most people would be intimidated interviewing today’s biggest music stars, Galterio has no problem holding her own on camera.  “I remember my friends always being like, ‘I want to be Britney Spears; I want to be the artist.’ But I always wanted to be the one hosting the show — that’s what I wanted to do,” the bubbly TV personality confesses in our celebrity interview. Her inspiration comes from Mel B, not just because she was a huge Spice Girls fan — although that may have helped — but because of the host’s outgoing and approachable personality.

While the New York City native has enjoyed speaking with numerous stars, she’s hoping she’ll one day have the opportunity to interview infamous pop princess, Miley Cyrus. “I love that she’s her own person. I think she would be so much fun.”

No newcomer to the performing world, Galterio is a former elite competitive dancer who won multiple awards before becoming a dance teacher. She credits dance as the reason she is so involved in music today: “My family believes in everyone doing their own thing and making their own way, so it was a natural progression for me to go from being a dancer to becoming involved in music.”

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Speaking of her family, fans may be surprised to learn that it’s not music that runs in her blood, it’s sports. Her great grandfather Art Rooney founded the Pittsburgh Steelers, and her celebrity family continues to own and maintain the team. Because football is a major factor in her life, it makes sense that Galterio has an interest in someday doing sports broadcasting. “I would love to do sports because it’s such a big part of my life and my family!” she reveals. “But they know if I’m interviewing Terri Bradshaw, I’m going to somehow bring music into the forefront because it’s a natural thing for me to talk about.”

Of course, we had to ask the music guru about her favorite tunes. While she loves classic relationship and love songs likes Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You,” she also enjoys songs that “aren’t so happy.” Currently, her favorite is “Stay” by Rihanna. “Although it’s about a one night stand and the complete opposite of love, it’s such a powerful message,” she says.

You & A Music Host Talks About Her Relationship and Love

Despite her fondness for unhappy love songs, the host makes it clear that her own love life is far from depressing. Having been in a long-distance relationship for over three years, she believes that “communication is the most important thing. Even if it’s just sending a sweet little text or making sure you speak before going to sleep, it’s important to talk to your partner every day. It’s nice to have that time together on the phone.” While managing a busy career and maintaing a strong relationship and love seems next to impossible, Galterio says that “balance is something you learn over time.”

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As for her best dating advice, she encourages people to “give everyone a chance. You never know what’s going to bring you together, so don’t just turn somebody down.” She came to this realization through her admiration for the band Karmin’s relationship. “They went to college together and actually didn’t like each other in the beginning. Then, through music, they found each other and are now engaged.”

There’s no summer break for Galterio. Not only is she working on the second season of her show, which premieres at the end of this month, but she is also starting a web series. Personal experience with gluten intolerance has inspired her to create a YouTube web series  called “The Gluten Free Chick,” where she gives advice on what to eat at certain places in New York City.

Keep an eye out for this young up-and-comer!

You can follow Clare on Twitter @ClareGalterio. Be sure check her out on new episodes of You&A Saturdays at 12 EST on the Music Choice Network!