Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Shut DownCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Shut Down

By Shannon Seibert

Technology is useful but also very hindering. Sure, you like to know what the Twitterworld is up to on a daily basis, and you might miss out on what Karen had for lunch on Thursday, but sometimes, you really do need to step away from all things social media. Here’s a little piece of dating advice for this weekend: Turn off your distractions and spend time with your love away from all things digital.

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Technology-Free Date Idea

Remember when the iPhone wasn’t around? Yeah, we try not to either, but back in the day, people had plenty of ways to keep themselves entertained: It was called company. Bundle up in your Sorel boots and North Face jacket, grab your partner by the hand, and head outdoors to get some exercise in the winter chill. This date idea will help you and your sweetheart to focus on your relationship and love by getting fit and healthy together.

Days were simpler when you could just go outside and “play” as a kid, but there shouldn’t be anything stopping you this weekend. Challenge your love to a game of one-on-one basketball at the local park for a refreshing outdoor date idea. Your man’s competitive side will shine through, and you’ll be left with no choice but to show him up. Play dirty with your flirty smile and long lashes. When you come up with the win, treat your irresistible loser to a cup of Hershey’s hot chocolate by the fireplace.

If the weather is poor or you just aren’t feeling the outdoors, inside can be just as fun. Set up a game of Checkers. Yes, we said Checkers! It may sound cheesy or like something you’d do with your grandmother, but you’d be surprised at how fun board games can be with the love of your life. For an out of the box twist on this weekend date idea, use cookies as game pieces. Every time you “jump” your partner’s piece, you get to eat the cookie. This not only speeds up the game, but it makes it more tasty.

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If board games aren’t doing it for you either, head to the kitchen. With the holiday season quickly approaching, you have the perfect excuse to whip up all of your favorite treats. Have a gingerbread house building competition with your honey, and see who was meant to be the architect of the couple. This house building date idea should inspire you to bust out your inner Betty Crocker. The best part is, at the end of the festivities, you and your love get to eat your creations.

What would you do during the day without technology? Share with us in the comments below!