Cupid's Pulse Article: Jenna Fischer and Husband Lee Kirk Welcome Second BabyCupid's Pulse Article: Jenna Fischer and Husband Lee Kirk Welcome Second Baby

By Shannon Seibert

Jenna Fischer and her husband, Lee Kirk, have welcomed their second baby into the world. Born on May 25th, their new baby girl Harper Marie Kirk came into the world kicking. Healthy and happy, she is much loved by her family. Fischer had announced in February that she was expecting baby number two, and had kept us all up to date with her hilarious pregnancy cravings while awaiting baby Harper’s arrival. With some experience under her belt from her first child, Fischer felt fully prepared to bring her daughter into the world, according to

How do you prepare differently for a second baby than the first?

Cupid’s Advice: 

You can change a diaper in under a minute, you can diagnose what’s wrong by the type of crying you hear, and you’ve tried just about every method there is to get your baby to fall asleep. With the second baby on the way you kow exactly how to prepare, because let’s face it, you’re basically an expert.

1. You aren’t giving in to all of the baby hysteria: Yes, all of the gadgets are cool, but do you really need a rocking chair for every room and a teething ring in every color? Now you aren’t worried about having the baby’s next four years of outfits together, and you realize that you have more time than you thought. This saves you money and energy from not obsessing over whether or not you have everything you need for your second child to be comfortable.

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2. You’re more relaxed with your birthing plan: You’ve been through it once before, and everything turned out okay. You are less stressed out about whether or not your hubby has all of the right attire packed in the over-night-bag, and you aren’t putting the poor guy through as many “The baby is coming!” preparation drills. You’re calm, cool, and collective, like every mother of two should be (Right?).

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3. You know what moments are the most significant: Now that you’ve been through the process you’ve been able to reflect on what moments need the most attention. The first bath, the welcome home, the first time they sit up. These moments you’re going to be able to point out to their big brother or sister, so they too will see how awesome it is to have another little one around the house. This is also a bonding moment between you and your oldest because they realize they get to be Mommy’s assistant, and serve as a role model for their new sibling.

In what ways do you feel better prepared for your second baby? Share with us in the comments below!