Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Winter BeachingCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Winter Beaching

By Shannon Seibert

There is very little that is more enjoyable than a beach trip in the winter. The cool air, the calming sound of the waves, and the rubbing of sand between your toes can create the perfect date idea for you and your man. This weekend, huddle together under a blanket and watch the waves dance while making plans for this coming summer; which is closer than you think!

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Date Idea: Warm Up Your Winter Dates With A Trip to the Beach!

Winter doesn’t mean that you have to say “farewell” to the beach. Think outside the box with this weekend date idea: Create your own slice of paradise by packing a romantic picnic for your beach getaway. To follow this relationship advice, snag some Bubba Keg thermoses from your local grocery store to trap in the heat. Take along winter favorites, like some delicious hot cocoa or a piping hot batch of chicken noodle soup. The insulated container should keep it warm all day. But don’t neglect your favorite frozen foods as well! Bring along a container of raspberry sorbet or a couple of peppermint popsicles to get into the holiday spirit.

While loading up the car, be sure to throw in a couple of blankets. The breeze may surprise you along the coast, and you want to be prepared. Tune your radio to some Bob Marley or even the Beach Boys to get you into the tropical-paradise mood. On the car ride there, ask your man about his favorite beach memories from his childhood. The more you find out, the stronger your relationship and love will be. Also, take some time to plan a future date idea or two for the upcoming summer months.

Brainstorm summer vacations with your love while playing a quick game of volleyball in the sand. You could stay local and dip into the Atlantic on the beaches of Daytona or go for a more exotic adventure to the island of Bermuda. Both destinations have unique tropical sites that attract a bunch of tourists, so beat the crowds and book your romantic getaway in advance.

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As you both get excited about your impending trip, boost the creativity of your games. Play against each other in a flirty game of Frisbee. Make it a contest to see who can catch it in the coolest way, like between your legs or over your shoulder.

If you plan on staying until the end of the day, set up a cool bonfire as the sun goes down. The warm flames will comfort you in contrast to the chilly winter breeze. Be careful though, as each state has regulations whether or not you are permitted to start a fire on the beach. If not, bringing along a couple of lanterns can still keep you cozy. Snuggle together around your fire — or make-believe fire — as you watch the sun dip behind the sea. This is sure to be a weekend date idea you will both remember!

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