Cupid's Pulse Article: Robin Thicke Will Name New Album After Estranged Wife Paula PattonCupid's Pulse Article: Robin Thicke Will Name New Album After Estranged Wife Paula Patton

By Sanetra Richards

Persistence is key! And Robin Thicke seems to be a firm believer in that. The sultry star is not giving up on his marriage and will do all it takes to get back his estranged wife, Paula Patton. According to, the “Blurred Lines” singer has even named his new album after her, in hopes the record – along with other things, of course – will help mend their broken marriage. The upcoming album, Paula, is set to be released on July 1st. The track list includes the hit “Get Her Back,” which Thicke unveiled at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards back in May: “All right, y’all, help me get her back.” The pair of nine years separated in February. A source told Us that Thicke “wanted to save their marriage, but it was Paula’s choice and she ended it.” The source went on to say, “Robin does not want this divorce.” Despite their separation, Thicke has put in tons of effort to win his wife back over the past few months, even going publicly. At his February concert in Fairfax, Virginia, Thicke told the crowd, “For y’all that don’t know, me and my wife separated but I’m trying to get my girl back.” The Baggage Claim actress later released a statement that there was and would always be a “deep love” between her and husband. “We’ve known each other since we were teenagers,” she said. “All I can tell you is there’s a deep love there—always was, and always will be. He wasn’t my first kiss, but he was my first lots of other things.”

What are some ways to try to win back your love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Mistakes were made along the way, hearts were broken, tears were shed – but now you are more than ready to give it another try and will do whatever it takes to get your love back. Only problem is, you are unsure of how to exactly go about it (or at least try to). Cupid has some tips to lead you in the right direction:

1. Sincerely apologize: A simple “I’m sorry” will not cut it, especially if things are severely damaged. An apology does not have to be scripted or rehearsed. Politely ask your partner for a few minutes of their time to genuinely say what is on your heart and ask for forgiveness. Be empathetic! It is OK to be corny and send flowers every now and then. What is most important is that your sweetheart knows you are deeply sorry for the failed relationship.

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2. Correct your mistakes: Typically, an apology has an invisible tag attached to it that says, “DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN!” Unfortunately, this sometimes goes ignored. Do not be the person to express regret, and then later repeat the same regret over and over again. Somewhere down the line, the relationship went wrong. It is up to you to fix the problem(s) that occurred along the way and make sure they never happen again.

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3. Be an open book: Remain honest with your [ex] partner at all times. If they are willing to give the relationship a second go, have enough respect for them to be nothing short of direct and truthful . . . no matter the circumstance. It may take some time to rebuild what was lost and damaged, but with mutual effort and patience, you all will stand a chance.

What are some other ways to win back your love? Share below.