Cupid's Pulse Article: Adam Levine Reaches Out to Ex-GirlfriendsCupid's Pulse Article: Adam Levine Reaches Out to Ex-Girlfriends

By Laura Seaman

Adam Levine is trying to make things right before his marriage to model Behati Prinsloo. The singer’s ex-girlfriends, including Anne Vyalitsyna and Nina Agdal, “couldn’t care less he wants to make it right,” a source tells Levine’s relationship with Agdal had ended when he started ignoring her class and then texting her about him and Prinsloo’s engagement. This didn’t stop Levine though, as an insider said, “He apologized for how he treated them.”

How can you remain civil with your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

When relationships end, there’s usually a broken heart and hurt feelings involved. These feelings can sometimes make it difficult to forgive and forget, but in the end its better not to burn bridges and lose everything you had. Yes, it ended for a reason, but it also started for a reason; you liked each other at one point:

1. Don’t push your anger and heartbreak onto the other person. It might be tempting to yell and blame the other person for everything, but sometimes relationships just end, and that’s not your ex’s fault. Handle the situation with grace and let it end peacefully. Save the yelling and ranting for when you’re alone.

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2. Don’t talk bad about your ex, even to friends. The hurt of a breakup can make people say things they don’t mean, and this leads to rumors getting out of hand or insults getting back to your ex. You never know who will pass on what you said, and if your ex hears some of the things you wish you hadn’t said, it might drive a bigger wedge between you.

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3. Do try to keep in contact once in a while. You don’t have to talk about the relationship, or why it ended. That would be a bit too awkward. Just ask them how things are going, how their family is doing, and what they’ve been up to. Ignoring each other will just make it even more uncomfortable if you ever run into each other.

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