Cupid's Pulse Article: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith Show Their Love in HawaiiCupid's Pulse Article: Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith Show Their Love in Hawaii

By Laura Seaman

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith are showing off their love for each other as they kiss and hold hands during their Hawaiian getaway. According to, the couple, married 16 years, was seen on the beach with their daughter Willow Smith, 13, on June 9th looking fit, flirty, and very much in love.

How can you show your partner you care in public?

Cupid’s Advice:

Telling your partner you love them is one thing, but showing them is another. If you don’t show that you care for your partner in public, they might get the idea that you’re embarrassed by them, and that can lead to some big problems in the future. To help avoid that problem, here is Cupid’s advice on how to show everyone how much you care about your partner:

1. Show them a little affection. Holding your partner’s hand or giving them a peck on the cheek are small, polite ways to show them that you’re happy to be with them and that you don’t care who knows. Be careful not to take it too far, as too much PDA can be embarrassing and obnoxious.

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2. Brag about them to others. Compliments are great, but compliments that others hear can be better. This doesn’t mean shouting across the restaurant, but maybe making a comment while your waiter is filling your glasses such as “Doesn’t she look beautiful?” or “He sure is handsome tonight, isn’t he?” can be little ways to show your affection to others.

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3. Let them show off their talent. If your partner is a great singer, try taking them to a karaoke bar. If they’re a great dancer, take them out dancing one night. Do an activity that lets your partner show off a bit, and let them know you support their talents one hundred percent.

How do you show everyone you care about your partner? Let us know in the comments!