Cupid's Pulse Article: Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant with Third BabyCupid's Pulse Article: Kourtney Kardashian Is Pregnant with Third Baby

By Laura Seaman

Third time’s a charm as Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant with baby number three with her boyfriend Scott Disick. Multiple sources tell that Kourtney is only a few months along, but that she is already showing a pregnant glow. Sources say it was planned, and that Kourtney “wants to have a handful of kids.” The Kardashian had said in 2012, “I need to see what it’s like when I have three, but [having kids] is what life is about.”

How does having a third baby change your family dynamic?

 Cupid’s Advice:

A third child can really change how a family works in ways that a second child does not. It’s best to be prepared for these changes so that your family can properly adjust to this new addition:

1. There is now a middle child. Ah, yes, the notorious situation of the middle child. There are plenty of stories about how the middle child gets much less attention from parents. This is something every family can avoid, but many are guilty of without realizing. Of course you’ll always be proud of that first-born child, and you’ll dote on your new baby, but don’t forget the middle child. They’re just as important.

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2. There’s the odd man out. Three, being the odd and often uncomfortable number that it is, can create tension between the children. The two oldest might create a new bond after the baby is born and become closer than ever, which is fantastic until they start growing up and the third child is still treated like the baby sister or brother who never quite gets it.

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3. There is always someone around. It might be that one kid is always hungry, or one kid is always late for a lesson, but this is to be expected for any number of children greater than one. On the bright side, this means that someone is always there to keep their sibling busy. Maybe the oldest is busy and the middle child wants to play. Instead of constantly pestering their older sister or brother, they now have a younger sibling to play with.

How has having a third baby changed your family? Tell us below.