Cupid's Pulse Article: Armie Hammer and Wife Prepare For First BabyCupid's Pulse Article: Armie Hammer and Wife Prepare For First Baby

By Laura Seaman

The star of Lone Ranger, Armie Hammer, and his wife Elizabeth Chambers are expecting their first baby, as confirmed by their rep to “They talk about having a couple, though they’re thrilled with one now,” says a source. Hammer had some experience with kids when he read Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss at the Kids’ Art Museum Project event at Hammer Museum. “I’m practicing for when I do have kids,” he said.

What are some ways to prepare your relationship for a baby?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having a baby is a huge step in a relationship, and you’ll need all the preparation you can get. There’s no fail-proof way to raise a child, and you’re bound to run into some problems, but the more you prepare for the future the better equipped you will be to handle whatever life throws at you.

1. Spend time with kids and pay attention. If you have relatives or friends with young children, it might be a good idea to babysit or go to the park with the family. Watch how the parents interact with their children and take note of what does and doesn’t work.

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2. Give each other tips in everyday settings. If you and your partner notice habits or behaviors that aren’t suitable for children, it would be helpful to politely point them out. Be careful not to come off as rude or condescending, but be sure you both realize what kinds of behavior changes need to be made.

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3. Communication is key. Make sure you’re on the same page with everything, including schedules, parenting methods, and other questions that may come up over the next few years. Bringing up any possible conflicts beforehand is better than facing them when the child is already here.

How else can you prepare your relationship for a baby? Share your ideas below.