Cupid's Pulse Article: Actress Kim Raver Shares How To Balance A Healthy Lifestyle and MotherhoodCupid's Pulse Article: Actress Kim Raver Shares How To Balance A Healthy Lifestyle and Motherhood

By Shannon Seibert

Kim Raver, mother of two and actress from FOX’s 24, is now an advocate for Colgate Total®, helping to encourage healthy living through simple, everyday routines. She’s an inspiration for women, especially mothers, everywhere, managing her healthy lifestyle and motherhood with grace. Recently, the former Grey’s Anatomy star shared some of her own parenting and health tips with Celebrity Baby Scoop.

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CBS: What kinds of habits have you incorporated into your healthy lifestyle?

KR: “I think its finding ways to combine my health with the things I want to get done. For example, on the weekend, I really want to be with my kids, especially if I’m working during the week. Sometimes, I think I have to choose between my workout and spending time with my kids. However, I can do both by having the kids get on their scooters, and I’ll put on my running shoes, so we can run and scooter in the park. I also try to drink a ton of water. I think it’s key to staying healthy. Getting enough sleep is also important, because as Moms, we rarely get enough, but it’s so important, even if it is a short 20 minute nap. It can be restorative, and I totally need that when I’m working. I feel better when I’m eating well, but I love to have indulgences. I love to eat yummy things. I think it’s easier to stay on course. I don’t like to use the word diet because I don’t think that sounds healthy. Even if I need to get into kick ass shape for a role, like playing a cop, I like to look at it as getting into athletic shape. It’s leading an overall living a healthy life, so you can sustain it long term.”

CBS: What are Luke and Leo up to these days?

KR: “They are learning how to live in a completely new country. My husband and I decided it is important for us to all be together even when we have to work in different places. I took them out of school in December. They had been there a couple of years, and we totally up rooted them. We found two amazing schools in London. I’m really proud of them, as they have had to learn how incorporate themselves into a new schooling system and a new culture. That’s a lot of change, but they’ve really embraced it. They know they are very lucky to have that experience.”

CBS: What is it like to raise two boys?

KR: “It’s absolutely amazing, and it’s 24/7 movement. Boys are so active and move all the time. They are into American football, soccer, and baseball, so I’ll be making dinner, and there are balls flying across the room, but I love it. I love the non-stop chaos. I have very loving children, and my family is extremely important to me. We find the time to have dinner together and read stories and tuck them in at night. That’s the highlight of my day.”

CBS: Do you have enough energy to keep up with them?

KR: “You’ve got to find it, right? You know what I mean? I gotta dig deep. Even if I’ve had a long day, they haven’t been with me on that long day. I think that’s part of motherhood. That’s always why having supportive friends and family is important. My mom is so amazing. She was a working single mom in the 70s before it was the hip thing to do. When you’ve got that example, the times when I’ve been exhausted and trying to find my way, I just think of my mom and how she did it. Other moms relate too. You just do it. I’m really lucky to have an incredibly loving husband. I’m very grateful. We have to be grateful for what we have. Back to health, I love that I have to try to keep up with them. I feel lucky to have that in my life.”

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CBSAre you able to set aside me time? 

KR: “What is that? (laughter) I think it comes back to National Women’s Health Week. We have to remind ourselves to make me time. For me, I like my little cup of coffee in the morning. It’s not so much the coffee, as much as it’s a nanosecond of me time. I do think it’s important to carve that out. I think that re-energizes me, and I’m able to reach out and be there for everyone else. My girlfriends help remind and encourage me to go for that hike. I do feel re-energized afterwards, so again, making my workout enjoyable, so it is me time and not drudgery. That’s why I try to make my workout things I love to do – yoga, running, or spinning class.”

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