Cupid's Pulse Article: Jason Kennedy Announces Engagement to Lauren ScruggsCupid's Pulse Article: Jason Kennedy Announces Engagement to Lauren Scruggs

By Sanetra Richards

Another proposal, another love story! According to People, Jason Kennedy has asked for his girlfriend’s, Lauren Scruggs, hand in marriage. The E! Newscorrespondent professed his love for the fashion blogger and Still LoLo author about eight months ago and still has no shame in letting the world know. “She’s amazing,” Kennedy told PEOPLE. “It’s a blur but I can’t stop smiling,” the host tells E! “She told me I couldn’t surprise her, but I got her good. This is the best night of my life.” In addition, the 32-year-old tweeted, “I flew to Dallas and asked her if she would spend the rest of her life with me. I love you @laurenscruggs.” The proposal was held in Scrugg’s hometown in Texas. A small number of relatives and friends were in attendance. As she stood on the balcony, Scruggs could see where Kennedy prepared a candle-filled message “Will you marry me?” Moments later, she met him downstairs where a Jennifer Meyer diamond ring was awaiting.

What are some ways to show your excitement about your engagement?

Cupid’s Advice:

You are more than happy at the idea of spending the rest of your life with that special person and want to shout it at the top of your lungs. In the meantime, you would rather show your enthusiasm in other ways, but not exactly sure how to. Here are a few of Cupid’s tips:

1. Speak highly of your partner: This will become second nature if you are completely over the moon with your significant other. You will find yourself talking about their greatest traits that make you blush or have butterflies. For example, if they are selfless, you may find yourself telling others about this characteristic.

2. Inform others: Share with everyone that you are soon to be happily married. Tell family, friends, whoever is in sight! Broadcast it if you feel the need, unless you both have agreed to keep it a secret). If the highest mountain top were accessible, you would do it.

3. Wear your engagement jewelry: Whether that be a ring, necklace, what ever symbolizes the engagement, be sure to rock it every chance you get. This let’s everyone know, including your partner, that you are looking forward to the day when you exchange vows.

How do you show your excitement about your engagement? Share below.