Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Celebrity Interview: Beauty Expert Kym Douglas Says, “Fall in Love as Often as You Can”Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Celebrity Interview: Beauty Expert Kym Douglas Says, “Fall in Love as Often as You Can”

Interview by Brittany Stubbs. Written by Laura Seaman.

Kym Douglas, known around the world for her beauty expertise, is a woman of many talents, as shown by her frequent television appearances, radio spots, and multiple books. Her motto “bliss happens” is an inspiration to people everywhere as she helps them find ways to be healthy, feel beautiful, and live their lives to the fullest. As she says in our exclusive celebrity interview, “It’s not about trying to look younger; it’s about trying to look your best.”

Exclusive Celebrity Interview with Beauty Expert

The beauty guru started out on The Ellen Degeneres Show nine years ago on a one-time guest segment. “Ellen isn’t interested in lipstick and rouge or beauty products. It’s never going to work,’ everyone kept telling me. But the moral of the story is similar to dating: You might count someone out because of your differences, but it may turn out to be something great.” And now, Douglas is the show’s only regular contributor and says that she and the host bring out the best in each other.

Fans may also recognize the beautiful blonde from Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel. “I think it’s a wonderful show,” she says. “It’s just so real — real values, real issues. There’s beauty, cooking, making your home reflective of who you are inside.”

Kym Douglas Shares Beauty Tips and Dating Advice

Being the expert on beauty, we asked the TV personality to share some of her summer secrets for looking your best — and she drew from personal experience. Recently, Degeneres sent her to Hawaii for a segment, and her hair had trouble with the heat. However, a dab of deodorant along her hairline and on her neck kept the sweat from frizzing up her luscious locks.

Another seemingly odd beauty tip involves egg whites. “Before a date night with my husband, I’ll wear a mask of whipped egg whites on my face. It helps tighten up my skin so I feel comfortable wearing less makeup.” And we all know: The less makeup you pile on, the less chance that it will melt off in the heat. An easy and inexpensive way to conquer the summer weather!

When it comes to summer makeup trends, Douglas knows exactly what’s in this season. “The biggest thing is dark, full brows,” she says. Everything else on the face is muted and light to give your eyes a great pop without having to wear a lot of heavy makeup.

In terms of hairstyles, Douglas says it’s all about the braids — “whether it’s a braid wrapped around the crown of your hair or a small braid on the side.” No surprise there, as we’ve already seen celebrities like Beyonce and Blake Lively rock this style.

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While these trends may come and go, Douglas notes one simple trend that’s here to stay: “I really think that, if I had to sum it up in one word, I would say that ‘fresh’ is the goal for beauty. Try to look fresh!” she explains in our exclusive celebrity interview.

This summer look is bound to get a man’s attention, and Douglas knows a thing or two about a summer relationship and love. In her experience, summer love was always the best type of love. “It was something about the free feeling and the happiness of summer. I always fell in love with a new guy, and he would be the love of my life at that time.” Douglas still remembers the names of them all and encourages others to enjoy their summer flings: “Fall in love as often as you can!”

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Since then, Douglas has found the real love of her life and started a family. She now “has it all” with her husband, her son, and her successful career. She had always wanted these things but didn’t know how to make it happen. So when she first went on The View, she looked to Barbara Walters for life and relationship advice. “I asked her what it took, and she told me, ‘You can have it all; you really can. You just can’t have it all at the same time.’ I really took those words to heart.”

You can see Kym Douglas regularly on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family weekdays at 10 am ET/PT.