Cupid's Pulse Article: 10 Date Ideas for the Married Couple with KidsCupid's Pulse Article: 10 Date Ideas for the Married Couple with Kids

By Sanetra Richards

Finding time to go out on dates with your spouse can be difficult. The both of you may have hectic work schedules that always seem to get in the way. And it is not just the two of you … the kids are also in the equation! No matter how hard you may try, planned or spontaneous dates rarely ever happen. Even if you do actually go out, you constantly find yourself worrying about the kids – is the babysitter reliable, what they are doing, and should you hurry back home. Well, fret no more! Cupid has 10 suggestions to help you and your spouse get away from your routine and schedule some date time for each other:

1. Every day alone time: Who says you can’t have a date every day of the week? Believe it or not, it’s possible! Join your partner in something that is a part of their daily routine, whether that means an early morning workout or late evening planning session. Quality time with your partner can make a huge difference, especially if you are doing something that brings you together at the start of each day and/or at the very end. Maybe even put the kids to sleep at an earlier time just to have that hour or so to wind down together.

2. Weekend getaways: A short vacation is not only what you may need individually, but also as couple. Work can definitely become overwhelming and you just want a day (or two, maybe three) to sit back and enjoy each other’s company, without the pressure and stress of work interfering. A trip to a cabin or a resort sounds nice, right?

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3. Amusement park: Married couples tend to become accustomed to the the following routine: work, kids, sleep, repeat. Sometimes it’s easy to forget what fun feels like. An amusement park is a great place to channel your inner child. Take your spouse on a date to a nearby theme park – enjoy the roller coasters, attractions and games, but most importantly don’t forget to laugh!

4. Dance night: What better way to show off your moves than dancing? Schedule a night for dancing it up at your local club. Try something as sassy as salsa or as precise as square dancing. The goal in all of this is to simply have fun.

5. Fishing: Envision a nice day out by the lake, relaxing in a chair, with a fishing rod in the water awaiting a tug. Hardly any disruptions besides the noises of nature and sound of the water. You and your spouse will temporarily be worry-free.

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6. Park picnic: One of the most classic (romantic) dates of all time is a picnic in the park. Create a basket full of you and your partner’s favorites, maybe take an activity you will enjoy (frisbee, kites, etc), and voilà! Maybe even consider bringing the kids along and making it a family day.

7. Pick a hobby: Choose an activity that the both of you love to do together. Perhaps yard work, such as gardening or mowing, is therapeutic – use this as a bonding experience and call it a date!

8. Pamper & Polish: Every once in a while, your sweetheart deserves a little TLC (tender, love, and care). Why not be the one to give it to them? Schedule him/her a session at a local spa or create your own at-home spa. If you would rather channel your inner romantic and set up your own spa, here are a few tips: make sure the environment is set nicely – well-lit and scented, relaxing music, and full of peacefulness.  Then, give them the best massage they could possibly imagine (with the help of your favorite scented oil). They will appreciate the thought and touch.

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9. Comedy show: Laughter is good for the soul, right? Search for tickets to your favorite comedian’s show and ask your honey to join you for the night. Get a few laughs in while enjoying the evening.

10. Road trip: Hop in the car and GO! A road trip entails lots of jokes along the way, singing songs on the radio, sightseeing, etc. Make a day out of it – travel down the roads with the most scenery. Take photos to capture the memories and most importantly, enjoy the ride.